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Beard Transplants in Birmingham

Looking for a beard transplant in Birmingham? KSL Clinic's Birmingham team, based at The Mailbox, offers tailored, pain-free, and permanent beard transformation consultancy services, helping thousands of men achieve the aesthetic they have long dreamed of and, in many cases, assumed was impossible.


Our talented, highly experienced hair transplant surgeons offer bespoke transplantation procedures based on your specific needs and aspirations, whether you've always had a thin or patchy beard or would like a proven solution to facial hair loss and medical conditions that impact your beard growth.

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KSL Clinic Birmingham

Address: Spaces, The Mailbox, 3 Wharfside Street Spaces, Birmingham, B1 1RD

Opening hours:

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Telephone: 01622 686101

Why Consider a Beard Transplant With KSL Clinic?

Hundreds of beard transplant clients approach us because a lack of facial hair or uneven growth impacts their confidence and self-esteem.

Whether you’d like to achieve your perfect aesthetic to enjoy socialising around Broad Street or want a professional, polished appearance when presenting to colleagues at the International Convention Centre or attending meetings in Colmore, a tidy, groomed and youthful beard can make a world of difference.

KSL Clinic’s expert beard transplant surgeons recommend a process called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) transplantation, which is pain-free and can be completed in just a few hours. The procedure involves carefully extracting individual follicles from donor areas, usually to the back of your scalp, and reimplanting your very own hair into a preconfigured growth pattern.

We customise every beard transplant to you and can also provide other tailored facial hair transplantation services, such as procedures to transplant eyebrows, moustaches, sideburns, or any other areas where your natural hair growth doesn’t meet your requirements.

FUE transplants are minimally invasive and deliver exceptional outcomes, with ongoing aftercare and guidance to ensure you protect your newly implanted follicles and, after a short recovery period, have an entirely natural beard with zero scarring.

What to Expect From a KSL Beard Transplant in Birmingham

Our registered, regulated surgical teams, hair transplant technicians and clinics are private specialist centres in Manchester and Kent where we use the latest hair transplant techniques, equipment and aftercare to achieve sector-leading results for our clients.

Using FUE transplantation ensures your transplant is precise. Microscopic tools ensure each follicle is extracted with great care and graded to map out specific directions of hair growth and density.

The full process, from our initial meeting to recovery, is summarised as follows.

Private Consultation at The Mailbox

We’ll arrange a convenient time for a confidential meeting at our Birmingham clinic, where we’ll evaluate your current hair growth, pinpoint your goals, and put together a personalised plan.


Arriving on Beard Transplant Day

On the day of your scheduled procedure at either our Manchester or Kent clinic, we’ll start by applying a high-quality local anaesthetic to ensure your transplant is comfortable but doesn’t hinder your ability to drive or return home once the transplant is complete.


Extracting Follicles With Microscopic Precision

Next, we’ll begin harvesting the individual follicles from the agreed-upon donor site using a tiny tool called a Micro Punch. The optimal donor areas are selected based on finer hair growth that looks perfect as facial hair.


Grading Each Donor Follicle

Our technicians then grade each follicle, looking for colour, density, and direction of growth, plotting where each follicle should be implanted based on its characteristics.


Follicle Reimplantation

The final step is to implant the follicles one at a time in the required areas, checking that each hair grows consistently and naturally to achieve a seamless look.

After your beard transplant, we’ll gently apply bandages over the area to protect the new follicles and go over complete aftercare guidance, from medications and rest time to advice on when you can resume activities like swimming and exercise.


Why KSL?

We recognise that facial hair can be a big part of your appearance and style, and a transplant is an excellent way to replenish thinning beard growth or create facial hair in areas where your hair hasn’t naturally grown.

Fully Bespoke Beard and Facial Hair Transplants

Clients may have never had a satisfactory beard, find that their beard growth has declined over time, or want a shaped, more defined beard – whatever your goals; we’ll adapt your procedure specifically to you.

Pain-Free and Minimally Invasive Procedure

Quality local anaesthetics and cutting-edge tools reduce the recovery time following a beard transplant and ensure your finished transplant looks perfect, with no stitches, incisions or scarring.

Faster Recovery Times

The specificity of a FUE transplant means that each scratch that appears where a follicle is extracted is invisible to the naked eye – they are under one mm across and heal quickly within a few days. After two weeks, your hair growth will begin, and you can return to your usual routine.

100% Natural Permanent Results

Using your own follicles and carefully mapping natural growth patterns ensures a seamless blend. Your new beard or facial hair will continue to grow over the years to come and will look completely consistent with the rest of your hair.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Beard Transplant in Birmingham?

There isn’t a fixed price for a beard transplant since this depends on the look you’d like to achieve, the availability of donor hairs, the areas that require transplantation, and the duration and number of grafts involved in your procedure.

The best way to clarify what how much your beard transplant in Birmingham will cost is to book a consultation with KSL Clinic here at The Mailbox. We’ll go over all the details before providing a quotation and can arrange a payment plan with zero interest charges to ensure your procedure is affordable.

Before and after results of a beard transplant...

Celebrity Story

Gaz Beadle

Reality TV Star and Business Entrepreneur

"So after years and years of not having any stubble and never being able to grow a beard, I worked with KSL Clinic to plan it perfectly, shape it, etc., and it only took about 6 hours in Manchester with about two weeks of downtime after…now four months in I LOVE IT!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Beard Transplant Suitable for Anybody?

The consultation process at KSL Clinic is essential since it allows us to provide insights into the results a beard transplant can achieve and to evaluate the availability and suitability of donor hairs that will create the facial hair growth you aspire to.

While a beard transplant may not be possible in some circumstances, we can also recommend alternative treatments and therapies to boost natural hair growth.

Will a Beard Transplant Leave Scars?

No, we use an advanced transplant technique that creates tiny scratches at the site of each hair extraction and similarly small incisions at the reimplantation location – neither of which leaves any visible scarring.

Start your beard hair restoration journey with KSL Clinic today.

Here at KSL Clinic, we’re passionate about hair restoration and always aim to help you feel comfortable with your appearance again. That’s why we offer a range of effective, affordable treatments to help counteract hair loss, promote growth, and give you the head of hair you deserve.

As well as FUE beard hair transplants, we also offer:

If you’re ready to get started, contact us today to discuss your hair restoration requirements.