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Kieran Nicholls at KSL Clinic for second PRP treatment

Was great to see Kieran again for another PRP session, this will help stimulate the newly implanted hair follicles. Kieran most well known for last years itv2 Love Island had his FUE hair restoration with at KSL Clinic Kent in December 2018.

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Lee Bennetts FUE Hair Transplant journey with us at KSL Clinic

Lee Bennett who is a freelance Journalist for ilovemanchester came to KSL hair loss clinic Manchester for an FUE Hair Transplant, Lee was supported by his friend Coronation Street actress Katie McGlynn.

Lee said ‘Its something I have been thinking about for a while I’ve done a lot of research into the procedure and found a surgeon I am happy with Dr Matee. Honesthly its something that has bothered me for so long and I’m extremely happy with how the procedure has gone and I can’t wait to start rocking my new hairline’.

Lee will be documenting his journey over the next 12 months over on Instagram, and also taking you all through his aftercare plan. We cant wait to see Lee’s results!





Paul Robinson PRP Injections at KSL Clinic Manchester

Paul Robinson former Premier League and International footballer who had a hair transplant at our hair loss clinic in Manchester earlier this year in January. Paul is back in the clinic for his PRP treatment (platelet rich plasma) which encourages hair growth, containing enriched cells to help hair grow.

Paul has been very honest about how is not a great fan of needles at all but here is what he said today about his treatment ‘As you know I am not a great fan of needles but wasnt as bad as last time was quite relaxing. I am thoroughly delighted with how my hair is coming on looking forward to the rest of the results’

^^ Head over to our Instagram page to watch the full video.

We look forward to seeing Pauls full 12 month result early next year!




Dan Whiston visits KSL Clinic Manchester..

Dancing on Ice pro Dan Whiston visited KSL hair loss clinic Manchester for his 8 month review with Dr Ullah.

Dan Whiston – only dancer to have appeared on every series of Dancing on Ice since it began in 2006, visited KSL Manchester for his hair transplant in June 2018. Daniel said about his hair transplant ‘really happy with my procedure so far. Dr Matee and his team at KSL were fantastic. I’m really looking forward to seeing the results in the next few months’. 8 Months on Dan has got great results, we look forward to seeing him back at KSL Clinic for his final 12 month review in the summer.




Max Morley’s first PRP treatment..

Max Morley visited us today at KSL Clinic in our Kent Branch for his first PRP treatment. This treatment encourages hair growth containing enriched cells to help hair regrowth.




Rugby Union player, Stuart Hogg transforms his Hairline with us at KSL Clinic

I chose KSL Clinic for my FUE hair transplant and everything from the consultation through to my procedure and aftercare was faultless. They accommodated my busy schedule and I want to thank the whole KSL team and their director of surgery Dr Matee.

KSL have exceeded my expectations so far and I’m looking forward to the end results being even stronger.

If you have the same issue as Stuart contact us today to book a consultation, chat with a member of the team to see how we can transform your hair too..




Kieran Nicholls visits us at KSL Clinic for his first PRP treatment..

Kieran visited us today at KSL Clinic in our Kent Branch for his first PRP treatment which is a treatment that encourages hair growth containing enriched cells to help hair growth regrowth.




Paul Robinson has Hair Transplant with KSL Clinic in Manchester

Paul Robinson former Premier League and International Footballer had a Hair Transplant in Manchester KSL Clinic to improve his hair. Paul had been thinking about having a hair transplant for a while but took him a while to pluck up the courage but now is the time. Its thinning at the front which working in the media and on live television a lot the lights highlight the gap at the front, so its something he’s wanted for a while. I chose KSL due to the very good reputation, heard a lot of good things about them. The year long aftercare programme which is very important to me, its not just a treatment and let you go its a whole package.




Love Island Winner Max Morley visits our Manchester Clinic..

Max Morley best known for winning 2015 Series 1 Love Island, Max came to us at KSL Clinic to solve his hairloss which had been bothering him for 5 years. Here’s what Max had to say about why he wanted a Hair Transplant in KSL Manchester and his time with us.

‘Ive been thinking about having my hair done for a number of years, I’ve always had a high hairline and its always been a bit wavy but I got to an age where people have been mentioning it and I’ve been noticing it in the shower, and I thought its starting to bug me now. I’m always playing sport and you can just see I’m starting to bald, my dad’s bald so its been bothering me for a solid 5 years now. My hair’s always been a big part of my personality and going bald at 25 was something that was quite hard to accept, I cant wait to be the guy I used to be because it has being knocking my confidence for a couple of years now.

I chose KSL because I’ve been looking round for a while now and a lot of people from the industry I am in have had it done and have only raved about, nothing but compliments. The guys have explained me through the aftercare which is something thats massively important to me as I want to do it right its not just for me its for the future. The guys at KSL have reassured me for the future, and I can not wait for the after results in 12 months!’




Kieran Nicholls from 2018 Love Island has Hair Transplant with KSL Clinic

Kieran Nicholls best known from this years Love Island 2018 contestant. Kieran came to us at KSL to fix his hairline and this is what he had to say..

‘I’ve wanted a hair transplant for roughly 5 years, I want a hair transplant because I would just like to not worry about my hair and  for confidence reasons. I would say I’m a confident guy but when it comes to my hairline like most guys its something I don’t want to have to worry about. I picked KSL because I know a few people who have come here for a hair transplant and they are 100% confident with their hairline now, also the first time I came here they looked after me and everyone was really nice they also offer a 12 month aftercare package which is something your always going to be nervous about having something like this done so its nice to know they are there and have the support.’

Visit us at one of our hair transplant clinics in Birmingham, Kent, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle.

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