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4 Ideas To Combat Dry Hair in Summer

Summer: barbecues with friends, taking the kids to the pool, an exciting holiday by the beach… It feels like the best time of the year! However, if you ask your hair, it’s the worst, as the mixture of sun, heat, sea water and the chemicals found in the swimming pool are real nightmares for it.

The symptoms are there: your hair is weaker and drier. What can you do now? Instead of panicking, focus on the solutions!

4 Ideas To Combat Dry Hair in Summer from KSL UK - Hair Loss Clinics in Glasgow, Kent and Cardiff

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The Science of Hair Loss

One unfortunate thing about getting older is that you tend to experience progressive hair loss. There are small cases of hair loss but there are cases where it is clearly noticeable. However, in order to fully understand hair loss, we must delve into the science behind it.

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Hair Brained Questions

It can be confusing knowing what is right and wrong with your head, everyone has a different experience with their scalp. Of course, you may consider your hair too short to bother with most days. But if you find yourself wondering what’s going on up there, it’s best to not be in the dark about the health of a vital part of your body.

There are a number of questions that people are left asking about their hair on a daily basis.

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