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PRP Hair Treatment Birmingham

Plasma-rich platelet therapy (PRP) is one of several successful high-demand treatments and therapies that KSL Clinic offers through our well-established Birmingham practice. We welcome all prospective clients to book a private, confidential discussion with our skilled, GMC-registered surgeons at our offices in The Mailbox as a first step towards thicker, fuller, more youthful hair.


As you would expect from a renowned team of world-class hair transplant surgeons and technicians, PRP treatment is an innovative and sought-after therapy that is proven to deliver outstanding results. It is used to prompt faster hair growth and stimulate dormant follicles.

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Why Book a PRP Hair Treatment With KSL Clinic Birmingham?

Part of the secret to the success of PRP is that it uses your own healthy, active plasma cells, extracted and separated from a small sample of your blood, without chemicals, medications or synthetics that can potentially have side effects or may be unsuitable for people with intolerances.

This therapy can be used either following a hair transplant or on its own. It stimulates collagen and elastin production in the face or hairline and encourages inactive follicles to begin regrowing fresh hair.

Our regulated clinicians at our Manchester and Kent surgical clinics use a sterile, hygienic centrifuge device that separates your blood sample into platelet-poor, platelet-rich, and red cells. We then gently inject those platelet-rich cells into the target area, often over a series of three or four staggered treatments.

The results are often rapid, with tissue regeneration, cellular healing and follicle growth that gathers pace over the course of your treatment, leaving you with healthier skin and hair.

How Does a PRP Treatment In Birmingham Work?

As sector-leading hair restoration professionals, we recognise that the science behind PRP treatments, laser therapies and non-surgical FUE hair transplants often sounds complex. The reality is that PRP is known to work because it redistributes natural compounds in your blood that we all rely on to stay healthy, heal and grow new cells.

However, PRP also requires access to high-quality clinical equipment and skill. This involves capturing bioactive PRP cells from the blood and allocating these valuable compounds to areas of poor, slow, or absent hair growth.

Here’s how one treatment works:

Drawing a Blood Sample

First, we take a small amount of blood, usually from your arm, and add that sample to the centrifuge to begin the cell separation process.


Platelet Extraction

After a few minutes, the centrifuge will separate each of the three elements in your blood sample, leaving us with the PRP cells we need.


Careful Reinjection

The last step is to gently reinject those cells into the necessary area, either to help newly implanted hair follicles heal or to promote new hair and cell growth in locations with thinning, receding, or patchy hair.

Once the treatment is over, you can continue your day as you wish. We are always happy to recommend some of the superb accommodation options, or to suggest attractions and eateries nearby that you may wish to try.


Why KSL?

The most compelling advantage of PRP therapy is that it is non-surgical, comfortable, and safe for all. It can make a remarkable impact on hair growth and the confidence we all feel when we look our best.

You might, for example, choose PRP therapy postpartum to replenish hair loss related to hormonal changes, opt for PRP as an alternative or in advance of needing a hair transplant, or to give your hair transplant the best possible chance of a swift recovery.

Augmenting Professional Hair Transplantation:

We always suggest PRP to assist with hair transplant recovery. The treatment can improve and support healthy regrowth and stimulate new collagen production in the skin and scalp.

Fast, Effective Hair Loss Correction:

Clients with inactive follicles commonly try hundreds of expensive medications, few of which deliver results. PRP is proven to work and is ideal for adults of all ages and women or men wishing to tackle hair loss or thinning.

Minimally Invasive Walk-In Treatment:

The full treatment from start to finish is completed during one appointment, with no stitches, incisions or pain. You can schedule follow-up and maintenance treatments at your convenience.

Safe and Sensitive Hair Restoration:

Our experienced hair technicians use advanced, high-quality materials, equipment, and resources, with full accreditation, regulation, and registration, to provide peace of mind regarding the clinical standards we hold ourselves to.

Celebrity Story

Jack Fincham

Reality TV Star and Influencer

"I've seen loads of people getting hair transplants done on social media with KSL Clinic. I don't need a hair transplant, but everyone loves thick hair. So, I thought the best thing to get done is some PRP. You get it all along your hairline and get a nice, thick, full-hair appearance. Great recommendations, really friendly staff, really friendly service. So, I thought if I’m gonna get this done, I’m gonna go to the best place!”

PRP Treatment at KSL Clinic Birmingham: Frequently Asked Questions

Will I See New Hair Growth After One PRP Hair Treatment?

We normally recommend three or four treatments over the space of a few weeks, depending on the severity of hair loss or receding hair you are experiencing, the type and location of your hair transplant, or the number of therapies we believe will achieve the ideal outcomes based on your requirements.

Can I Book a PRP Hair Treatment at the Same Time as a Hair Transplant?

It’s best to schedule PRP treatments a few days following a hair transplant to ensure the newly implanted follicles have enough time to settle and begin healing. Our consultants will, of course, review all this information and explain their recommendations based on a customised assessment of your hair, scalp, and desired results.

Start your PRP hair restoration journey with KSL Clinic today.

Here at KSL Clinic, we’re passionate about hair restoration and always aim to help you feel comfortable with your appearance again. That’s why we offer a range of effective, affordable treatments to help counteract hair loss, promote growth, and give you the head of hair you deserve.

As well as FUE beard hair transplants, we also offer:

If you’re ready to get started, contact us today to discuss your hair restoration requirements.