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Are you based in Birmingham and are looking for affordable hair loss treatment?

Look no further than KSL Clinic. We have been in the hair loss industry since 2013. Specialists in the field, we offer complete hair restoration treatment for those of all ages who have hair loss or baldness. No matter if you are male or female, KSL Clinic are here to help. Come and visit us at our hair transplant clinic in Birmingham.

  • KSL is trusted and recommended by thousands of happy customers
  • We use tried and trusted treatments such as FUE, PRP and laser treatment
  • We’re THE go-to clinic for celebrities
  • We offer quality aftercare
  • We offer hair loss treatments (Minoxidil and Finasteride)
  • Affordable transplants and hair loss treatments
  • Great client customer satisfaction
  • Low deposit
  • Payment plans are available

We are proud to say that we are the number one hair loss and transplant clinic in the UK. With our primary clinics in Manchester and Kent, alongside our hair loss consultancy in Birmingham, Newcastle and Cardiff we are your first port of call.

We know that hair transplants and hair loss treatments can be expensive. That’s why we are offering treatment that will give your confidence a boost without the hefty price tag. At KSL Clinic, we offer helpful payment plans with low deposits required to ensure that you get a high-quality with a price plan that suits you.

How does hair restoration work?

Hair loss can affect anyone. Occurring when the hair follicles become damaged, no new hair grows in its place. Through our FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction Therapy) and laser treatment therapy, we transplant hair follicles in order to achieve an incredible result.

As mentioned above, the hair follicles are taken from a suitable area. The area where they will be transplanted will be numbed before microscopic incisions are made. Throughout the next few months, new hair will grow in the place of the lost hair. The exact number of individual follicles that are transplanted will be completely dependent on the individual patient.

As well as the FUE transplant technique, we also use Laser Therapy. Laser Hair Therapy is a non-surgical procedure that we use to help aid in the treatment of hair loss. Using soft low-light level lasers, the treatment penetrates deep into the scalp tissues to stimulate the blood supply. Setting off a chain reaction that promotes restoration, it makes the scalp shinier, thicker and softer. It also regenerates the hair roots if it is done on a regularly.

For the treatment, we may also use Finasteride, Minoxidil and can use PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy. Visit us at our hair loss clinic in Birmingham and we’ll talk you through all of your options.

Our hair transplant process

Regardless of whether you meet us in our Birmingham hair loss clinic or our Kent and Maidstone Clinic, we use the same tried and tested process that has resulted in thousands of happy clients!

Step 1 – Initial Free Consultation

Before the treatment is completed, we will meet with you one-on-one to discuss what you want to achieve from the procedure. Establishing your requirements and which clinic you want to have the treatment completed in, the date of the procedure will be organised. When we have all of the details, we will also put any payment plans into place for you.

Step 2 – FUE Treatment

During this procedure (which lasts one day) we will carefully extract individual hair follicles from the appropriate donor area. This will then be transplanted onto the areas of your head which is thinning the most in a natural and effective way.

Day 1 – 4: The Critical Period of Recovery

At KSL, we strongly recommend that in the first 4 days of recovery you try to relax, don’t take part in any high-impact exercise, don’t wear any protective headgear, go swimming or drink alcohol – this is crucial if you want full follicle recovery. More information can be found here.

Step 4 – Up to 9 Days of Recovery

We will create a comprehensive aftercare plan for you to follow throughout the two weeks of after-treatment care. During the next 5 to 9 days alongside resting, you should start to wash the area which will assist with the recovery process.

Step 5 – The Next 14 Days

Even though you can return to your usual washing routine, we still ask that you are gentle with the process – this will ensure the area heals correctly.

Step 6 – One Year Check-Up

After 12 months, you are advised to arrange a review of implant area and the overall result of the procedure – ensuring that you are happy with how it looks. Throughout the year it is possible to request a review.

Reviews From Our Customers

I am very pleased with the results achieved by KSL Clinics, I would highly recommend them to anyone. For years my hairline was something that affected my confidence. Having a hair transplant with KSL Clinic was the best decision I have ever made. Not only were they professional but made me feel at ease throughout the whole procedure.


From start to finish I have been impressed with the client care, the consultation was informative and simple. The thickness and density of my hair has blown me away, and my hairline looks so natural. I feel like me again for the first time in a long time, I can’t thank everyone at KSL enough. Thank you.


Celebrities We’ve Worked With

Over the years we are proud to say that we have worked with a wide range of TV personalities and celebrities. From Gareth Gates to Jamie Reed and Joe Swash, celebrities love our hair loss clinic – both in Birmingham and our other locations.

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