What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

There are a number of reasons for hair loss in both men and women ranging from genetic issues to age, illness and stress related reasons. Regardless of the cause, hair loss can be extremely distressing for the individual, which is why KSL aim to provide everyone with hair restoration treatment, no matter what their budget.


It is not yet clear why some hair follicles are affected at different times, but it has been found that there is a link to male and female hair loss in genetics. The primary baldness gene can be found on the X chromosome, however hair loss is not just passed down by the mother, with research suggesting that men and women who have a mother or father who suffered from hair loss are more likely to suffer from it themselves.


Ageing is the most common cause of hair loss and happens to almost everyone. As people age hair strands become smaller and have less pigment, therefore many follicles will stop producing new hairs. The result is the hair will look lighter, thinner and will recede over time.


Male pattern baldness is directly linked to levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Follicles are sensitive to this substance which can cause an imbalance in the follicle, resulting with them shrinking, hair thinning and eventually will no longer grow back.

Females can also begin to lose their hair due to hormones (female pattern hair loss). Changes in the levels of androgens (male hormones) e.g. after reaching menopause, can cause many women’s hair to begin thinning.

Physical/Mental Stress

Physical trauma and emotional stress can both lead to hair loss in men and women. Though this form of hair loss can quite often be reversed after a period of recovery, it can at times lead to permanent hair loss in time.

Hair Loss Treatments

When it seems like all hope is lost and you feel you must resign to the fact you are losing your hair and will most likely be bald in a matter of years, KSL can offer you a glimmer of hope.

Yes there are a multitude of reasons for hair loss for both men and women.  However, KSL have been leading hair loss specialists in the UK since 2013.  Using a combination of FUE hair transplants and laser hair treatment, we have achieved great hair restoration results for over 2,800 happy clients.

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