Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Male pattern baldness is a common type of male hair loss that occurs in most men at some stage in their lives. While it typically takes 15 to 25 years to for a man to go bald, some men can suffer complete hair loss in fewer than five years. Men who begin to lose their hair in their early 30’s tend to go bald faster and, although male baldness is difficult to predict, it still follows a pattern.

The Male Balding Process:

  1. Usually, hair begins to recede or become thinner at the sides. This is generally accompanied by the thinning of the hair at the top of the head.
  2. A bald patch in the crown of the head then tends to appear.
  3. All these receding spots eventually get larger and merge, leaving a patch of at the front which will sooner or later, also get thinner

This measuring tool is known as the Norwood Hamilton Scale and is the most advanced way of classifying hair loss in men and women.

What are the causes of male baldness? 

Normally, a hair grows from a follicle for 3 years, after which it sheds and a new hair grows in its place. If this cycle is interrupted, baldness begins to set in.

Male and female pattern baldness is usually determined by genetics, which affects the hormone receptors in the roots and attacks the male hormone dihydrotestosterone. Follicles are sensitive to this substance and so the attack causes them to shrink.

It is still not clear why some follicles are affected at different times so that the balding process is gradual, and it’s impossible to know why only the scalp seems to be largely affected.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men

FUE hair transplants have a huge success rate in regards to treating male pattern baldness, as they’re capable of restoring your hair to what it used to be. Nowadays the latest technologies and procedures are capable of providing a solution to male pattern baldness with minimally invasive techniques that guarantee a quick and natural result.  We quite often combine FUE hair transplants with Laser hair treatments to achieve the best hair restoration results.

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