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The KSL Hair Transplant Blog

Welcome to the KSL Blog. Read about the latest in hair transplants, company updates and hair transplant guides below.


cowlick hair transplant

Can a Hair Transplant Fix a Cowlick?

Thousands of people have a section of their…
29/05/202412 min
pushed back hairline fix

How to Fix a Permanently Pushed Back Hairline

Hairlines can be pushed back for many reasons.…
29/05/202412 min

How to Get a Natural-Looking Hair Transplant

As specialists in 100% natural hair transplants, KSL…
28/05/202412 min
hair thinning 20s women and male

Why Is My Hair Thinning in My 20s? Advice for Male and Female Hair Loss

The fact that hair often begins to thin,…
28/05/202413 min
are hair transplants available on the NHS?

Can I Get a Hair Transplant on the NHS?

While there are some circumstances in which the…
28/05/202413 min
how old for a hair transplant

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Hair Transplant?

The normal standard in the professional hair transplant…
22/05/202411 min
Is My Hairline Receding or Mature?
Hair Loss

The Great Debate: Is My Hairline Receding or Mature?

Ageing is a natural part of life, bringing…
03/05/202412 min
Hair Loss

Can Balding Be Cured? Breaking Down Hair Loss Myths

While it is expected that we lose between…
03/05/202413 min
types of hair loss - the science
Hair Loss

The Science of Hair Loss – Types of hair loss explained

One unfortunate thing about getting older is that…
28/06/20231 min
stages of hair transplant week by week

Hair transplant growth stages week by week – A full timeline

So you’ve had your FUE hair transplant. Congratulations!…
24/06/202311 min
is a hair transplant permanent
FUEGeneralHair Loss

Is a Hair Transplant a Permanent Procedure?

One question that always pops up when it…
24/06/20231 min
receeding hairline
BlogHair Loss

Can a hair transplant fix my receding hairline?

Receding hair is a natural part of ageing…
22/06/20236 min

Adrian Sanderson Hair transplant – KSL help to fix “biggest insecurities”

Renowned for our expertise in FUE hair transplants…
25/05/20233 min
KSL hair transplant

Hair Transplant After 2 Weeks – What to Expect

Whilst you won't see results straight away, you…
30/04/20236 min
touching grafts after hair transplant

Touching grafts after hair transplant: why you should avoid it for 14 days

Getting a hair transplant is an exciting process…
16/03/20235 min
exercise and hair transplants

Exercise after a hair transplant: How long after hair transplant can I workout?

If you’re having a hair transplant procedure, you’re…
16/03/20236 min
hair transplant graft cost

3,500, 4,000, 5,000 grafts cost? Why we don’t quote by the number of grafts

If you’re looking into a hair transplant, you…
27/02/20234 min
sleeping after hair transplant

How to Sleep After Hair Transplant

So, you have your hair transplant with KSL…
12/08/20223 min
10 days after hair transplant

What to Expect 10 Days After Hair Transplant

As you probably already know, a hair transplant…
12/08/20224 min
hair graft in transplant

What is a hair graft in a hair transplant?

If you’re looking into an FUE hair transplant…
12/08/20224 min