Our Hair Restoration Process

At KSL our aim is to get you looking your best, in the fastest and most effective way possible, which is why we use a combination of FUE hair transplants and laser hair replacement.

We will be there throughout your hair restoration journey, which involves:


Free Initial Consultation

Before any hair loss treatment is undertaken, we will meet with you one to one to establish your requirements and what you would like to get out of the process at any one of our hair clinics in either Kent or Manchester. Once we’re in agreement and you want to proceed, we will then organise the best payment plan for you.

The One-Day FUE Transplant Procedure

During the FUE treatment we will extract each individual hair follicle from the donor area and transplant it to the thinning area in the most natural looking way possible. Due to the nature of the treatment, the sessions can be completed in a single day.

1 - 4 Day 'Critical' Recovery Period

We recommend in your first 1 to 4 days of recovery period that you relax, we strongly advise against a number of actions such as drinking alcohol, high impact exercise, swimming and wearing protective headgear, hats etc. This period of time is critical to your follicle recovery. See our FAQs on aftercare for more information.

5 - 9 days Recovery Period

Within your first 14 days after treatment we provide you with a full and very comprehensive aftercare plan. It's important you follow it and give yourself time to recover and rest. Days 5 to 9 will see you restarting your wash programme, which will generally deal with the scab recovery and any minimal swelling you've experienced will have disappeared. Your extraction area will be returning to normal, and your implanted area will have settled down.

10 - 14 days

By days 10 to 14 you'll be back to an entirely normal washing routine, all we ask is that you're respectful to your implant area.

12 Month Check Up

We will see you again a year later, and take a full review of your implant area, your hairline and overall results. If at any stage leading up to the full 12 month review you want to request an earlier review we will always see you and accommodate you but we will not take judge your full results until the 12 month period.