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Hair Transplants in Leeds

We’re the UK’s busiest hair loss clinic in the UK so book your FREE consultation as quickly as possible!

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Quality hair transplants in Leeds

If you’re unhappy with your hairline and looking into options for a hair transplant in Leeds, KSL clinics offer customised hair transplant plans, aftercare programmes and follow-up consultations in our UK clinics. As one of the UKs leading hair transplant providers, our experience surgeons have worked with sports personnel to TV stars – so you’ll be in great hands! Whilst we’re not based in Leeds, we service many Leeds clients from our clinic in Manchester – so you won’t have to travel very far.

Why book your hair transplant with KSL Clinics?

  • Our customers report full restoration of hair and natural re-growth
  • We have a wide range of high-profile celebrity clients who love our work
  • We provide full aftercare for all our clients after any hair transplant therapy
  • We also provide treatments targeting early hair loss or hair thinning
  • We pride ourselves on our affordable 12-month payment plans – pay for your procedure with monthly installments and an affordable deposit
  • Our customers rave about us – why not be the next happy KSL customer?

What kind of hair transplants in Leeds do we offer?

We understand that not every customer’s expectations will be the same – that’s why we offer a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experts before any treatment takes place. During your consultation, you’ll be recommended or suggested one of the following therapy treatments:

FUE Hair Transplant

If you’ve never heard of FUE transplants, this procedure relocates your own hair (often taken from the sides of the head) to the area in question, resulting in a full restoration of hair over time. FUE is noninvasive as far as cosmetic procedures go, and your recovery should take no more than two weeks, provided you follow our aftercare recommendations. These treatments are suitable for scalp hair and facial hair (beards, mustaches, eyebrows.) For pricing information regarding FUE hair transplants in Leeds, click here.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

If you’d prefer to undergo a hair transplant with minimal recovery time and visible results, PRP hair therapy is one of our most popular treatment options. This treatment fights premature hair loss and hair thinning using PRP injections: the platelets we take from the customer work to stimulate the hair follicle and promote cell regeneration. This treatment is popular with younger customers, who want to tackle hair thinning and hair loss as soon as they notice it.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a great noninvasive hair treatment designed to encourage natural regrowth and heal damaged cells: hair follicles are stimulated by light, absorbing the soft laser lights which promote growth. Our laser treatments are popular with customers dealing with mild to moderate hair thinning.


KSL provides all-star aftercare for all of our customers: whether you’ve had laser treatment, PRP injection therapy, or a full hair transplant, you’re entitled to our help and support in the days following your treatment. We’ll be on hand to provide advice, recommendations, and support in the event of any problems.

The Process

Wherever we are in the UK, at KSL we stick to our 6-step, 5-star method. We know that our process gets results, so here’s what to expect if you get your hair transplant Leeds:

Step 1 – Laidback Consultation

In order to better understand your wishes and desired outcome from your treatment, you’ll be invited to speak with one of our team members face to face. We’ll better understand what treatment is best suited to your needs, and discuss payment options.

Step 2 – Hair Treatment

Happy with our suggestions for your treatment? On board with our pre-agreed payment schedule? Once you’re happy with the plan, your appointment will be scheduled and you can get excited for your first hair treatment with KSL!

Step 3 – Downtime and Rest

After your hair treatment is finished, we’ll follow up with a personalised, tailored aftercare routine for you to follow. This step is important in ensuring that your scalp heals fully.

Step 4 – Week 1 After Your Treatment

If you underwent an FUE transplant, our experts recommend a week dedicated to rest and your recovery. Take care of your scalp by washing it gently every day, and make sure to follow any other suggestions explained in your aftercare programme.

Step 5 – Week 2 Onwards

After two weeks, those who have undergone hair transplants can return to their typical hair-washing and physical activity. Try to keep any abrasive material away from your scalp nonetheless.

Step 6 – 1-Year Follow-up Consultation

Our follow up consultation will take place one year after your first procedure. We’ll discuss any queries you may have, arrange further appointments if necessary, and address any problems or requests.

Reviews From Our Customers

“I am very pleased with the results achieved by KSL Clinics, I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Having spent months looking and finding different hair transplant clinics around the UK, I found KSL were by far superior to any other. From day 1 of the transplant being done, to now, 3 months on, the after care has been second to none and I can’t thank the staff more. They are the most helpful and friendly bunch you can meet and happy to help whenever. Fully recommend KSL to anyone thinking of getting this done.

Celebrity Clientele

Reality TV and sports stars join a long line of patients such as, EastEnders Actor Joe Swash, International Rugby Star Stuart Hogg, X-Factor Singer Jake Quickenden and Ex-England Goalkeeper Paul Robinson who have all chosen to have their surgeries at KSL Clinic.

How much does a hair transplant cost in Leeds?

There are so many variables when it comes to pricing a hair transplant in Leeds. We would advise calling us on 0161 503 0537 and speaking to one of our experts who will be able to provide ballpark prices. We do provide hair transplant finance packages ranging from 12-60 months – so you can spread the cost!

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