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Are you considering a hair transplant in Cardiff? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here at KSL Clinic, we’re committed to reversing hair loss and giving you your confidence back.

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About KSL Clinic

KSL Clinic has been a leading hair loss specialist since 2013. We’ve helped thousands of people with restoring their hair loss and regrow lost hair with a variety of high-tech, modern treatments.

Our services are for both men and women of all ages experiencing early-onset hair loss, to those in their golden years wanting to restore their youth.

At KSL Clinic, we’re committed to providing the highest quality of service possible. Our primary goal is patient satisfaction. We know that hair loss can detract from your self-confidence and wellbeing. We’ve made it our mission, therefore, to remove thinning hair as a barrier to happiness.

Why KSL?

  • Trusted and reliable reputation
  • The latest modern treatments such as FUE and PRP
  • A host of high profile celebrity clientelle
  • Frequent aftercare up to 12 months after your treatment
  • Additional hair restoration treatments such as Minoxidil and Finasteride
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Very Low deposits with affordable monthly payment plans

Our Hair Transplants in Cardiff

Step 1 – Your Initial Free Consultation

First, we start with a consultation where we investigate your hair loss and discuss your requirements. Book your free consultation today.

Step 2 – The FUE Treatment

Next, we begin the one-day FUE transplant procedure. In FUE treatment, we extract one donor hair at a time and then implant it at the site of hair loss. The great thing about this treatment is that you can complete it in a single day – and it’s minimally invasive.

You can find out more information about our FUE transplants here. Or speak to one of our experts at our hair loss clinic in Cardiff.

Step 3 – The Key Stage of Recovery

After the treatment is a 1 – 4 day recovery period. You mustn’t swim, drink alcohol, or do strenuous exercise during this phase. We’ll also speak with you about other precautions you’ll need to take during recovery.

More information about this can be found on our FAQ page.

Step 4 – 12 Months After The Treatment

After 12 months, you are advised to arrange a review of implant area and the overall result of the procedure – ensuring that you are happy with how it looks. Throughout the year it is possible to request a review.

How The Process Works

The hair restoration process depends on the type of treatment you receive. If you’re looking for a hair transplant in Cardiff, you will be booked in at our clinic in Manchester where we offer treatments such as FUE hair transplants as well as non invasive treatments such as PRP and Laser Hair Therapy. Other therapies involve stimulating nutrient supply to follicles and using medication to alter the body’s hormonal environment to encourage hair growth.

Customer Testimonials

Lee said that “the aftercare is fantastic.”

Steve said that he got “fantastic results” and “would highly recommend.”

Treatments We Offer

If you’re looking for hair transplant in Cardiff, we offer a variety of hair restoration treatments that we tailor to your needs. FUE treatment involves the transplantation of hairs from a donor site to the hairline.

Laser Hair Treatment uses light therapy to stimulate blood supply to the hair follicles to help rejuvenate them. We also offer therapies such as Finasteride, Minoxidil and PRP.

Celebrities We Have Worked With

We’ve worked with some famous faces at KSL Clinic.

Gareth Gates, the famous singer from the TV series Pop Idol, came to us unhappy about his hair loss. We helped to restore his hairline and give him the confidence he wanted.

Joe Swash, famous for his role in Eastenders, had surgery at KSL Clinic in 2018 to restore a receding hairline. We’ve also helped numerous sports personalities, including Jordan Rhodes, Steven Fletcher and Stuart Hogg.

Do we offer FUE hair transplants?

Yes, FUE transplants are our most popular procedure and for good reason. FUE is a minimally invasive hair transplant and is proven to be a safe way to restore your hairline or other areas of hair. Whilst it can take up to 12 months to see results our clients love the finished look. You can read more about FUE hair transplants here.

What other treatments do you offer?

We also offer other hair treatments such as laser hair treatment, PRP treatment and topical solution treatment such as Minoxidil and Finasteride. If you want to find out which treatment is right for you, get in touch with us and book a consultation today.

What should I do after my treatment?

We will provide a full care plan for after your treatment. Firstly, it’s recommended that you book one or two weeks away from work to allow your scalp to begin the recovery process. There are certain activities that you’ll need to avoid, all of which are listed here. If you would like further consultation after your treatment, within 12 months you can book to come in and see us.

Who have we worked with?

We have been lucky enough to work with a whole host of customers, both men and Women, celebrities and locals. We’ve worked with TV stars such as Joe Swash and Gary Beadle through to sports stars such as Stuart Hogg. We offer affordable hair loss treatments to suit any budgets so if you’re looking for pricing information, view this page here.

Where in Cardiff are we located?

Come and visit us at our consultation clinic here: Syndicate Room 1, Havannah St, Cardiff CF10 5SD. If you are not able to come and visit us at our premise, we can always arrange a Facetime or Whatsapp consultation so leave an enquiry with your phone number and we can make the arrangements.

Want to Find Out More

Want to find out more or arrange a Free Consultation at our Hair Loss Clinic in Cardiff? You can either call us on 01622 686101 or fill out our simple online form. Start your hair restoration journey with us today. KSL hair transplants received an average rating of 4.35 out of 78 reviews (Google and Trustpilot).

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