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Hair Transplants in Southampton

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Thinking about hair loss treatment or a hair transplant in Southampton?

If you’ve been considering having a hair transplant in Southampton, our KSL clinics nearby always deliver when it comes to results! Here’s what we can offer when you undergo hair therapy or a hair transplant at one of our clinics

  • Become the latest KSL customer to completely restore their hair growth
  • Enjoy a customised and expert-recommended treatment based on your unique needs: at KSL, you’ll be offered an FUE transplant, PRP therapy, or laser hair therapy treatments in the UK
  • We’re a celebrity fan-favourite! View our celebrity hair transplants
  • We provide complimentary aftercare for all our clients after their hair transplant procedure
  • We also offer therapies designed to minimise hair loss
  • KSL is reasonable when it comes to price – our clients are offered the possibility to finance their procedure with monthly payments and an affordable deposit
  • Our customers rave about us – why not be the next happy KSL customer?

What types of hair transplants in Southampton do we offer? 

At KSL, we offer hair transplant treatments for our clients that have been backed by science, research, and most importantly, results! Here’s a little bit more about the treatments we offer:

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplants use your own hair, (which is typically from the back and sides of your head, although everything will depend on your own personal profile) which is transferred to sparse areas. FUE is marginally invasive as a treatment, offering complete hair restoration with minimal time needed for rest and aftercare. At KSL, we can provide FUE treatments targeting the head (scalp) and most facial hair. If you’re thinking about having an FUE hair transplant in Southampton, you can get in touch for pricing here.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP therapy is an efficient hair therapy treatment that helps stimulate scalp restoration without the need for surgical intervention. This treatment is ideal for those experiencing premature hair loss or hair thinning: by using your own blood platelets and injecting them into any sparse areas, the hair follicles will be stimulated and organic growth encouraged. You can check out our PRP hair therapy page for more info.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has been proven to support natural hair regrowth with minimal risk and almost zero downtime: we offer Laser therapy for hair loss at KSL for those who need simple, fuss-free results. With laser therapy, you’ll most likely need to book recurring appointments to maintain your results. For more details about our laser therapy in Southampton, you can have a look at our service page here.


All our customers enjoy aftercare following their hair therapy treatment, whether it’s been a full FUE treatment or laser therapy. We’ll also provide you with customised instructions for the weeks following your treatment, to ensure that your scalp heals and your recovery time is minimal.

So, what’s our process?

While we serve customers all over the United Kingdom, KSL Clinics use the same method when performing our hair loss treatments and hair transplants. Here’s our 6-step KSL process:

Step 1 – No-obligation Consultation

Before we can suggest the appropriate hair loss treatment, we’ll need to understand what you’d like to achieve through our hair therapies. We’ll use this consultation to discuss ideas and goals, while also setting up any payment plans that would be necessary for the treatment we recommend. You’re under no obligation to continue with your treatment if what we discuss isn’t what you’re looking for.

Step 2 – Hair Treatment

If you’re on board with our recommendations and payment plan suggestions, we’ll book you in to perform your treatment as soon as possible – bookings will naturally be subject to availability.

Step 3 – Recovery

If you’re undergoing a hair transplant, we’ll advise you to rest for the first 4 days following the treatment. During this time, refrain from alcohol, swimming, hard exercise, and wearing hats. This will help your scalp recover faster.

Step 4 – One Week Following Your Treatment

If you’ve been given an FUE transplant, we encourage you to use this week to continue your recovery. We’d also encourage you to clean the scalp gently every day, and adhere to any other instructions given in your customised aftercare plan.

Step 5 – The Next 14 Days

After fourteen days, you can return to your normal hair-washing routine. Our only advice during this period would be to refrain from using abrasive haircare or skincare products on the scalp.

Step 6 – 1-Year Follow-up Consultation 

In order to ensure you’re pleased with your treatment, we recommend coming back to see us around one year after your first procedure. This consultation serves as a way for us to give answers to questions you might have, along with discussions about supplementary treatments.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re sure about having a hair transplant in Southampton, reach out to us today! Even if you just have a question or want a quote, you should reach us by phone on 0161 503 0537, or via our online enquiry form.

“I am very pleased with the results achieved by KSL Clinics, I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Having spent months looking and finding different hair transplant clinics around the UK, I found KSL were by far superior to any other. From day 1 of the transplant being done, to now, 3 months on, the after care has been second to none and I can’t thank the staff more. They are the most helpful and friendly bunch you can meet and happy to help whenever. Fully recommend KSL to anyone thinking of getting this done.

Celebrity Clientele

Since 2013 we have worked with a vast array of celebrities from all walks of life. From Joe Swash to Warren Philips, our list of happy celebrity clients is ever-growing and we are proud to have worked with them to create hair that they are proud of.

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We’ve got the expertise, the knowledge, and our happy client base speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a hair transplant in Southampton book your consultation with KSL Clinics today.

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