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Joe Swash undergoes 3rd hair transplant at KSL

By 11/06/2018November 5th, 2020No Comments

Ahead of filming the next series of the ‘I’m a Celebrity…’ spin off show ‘Extra Camp’ later on in the year, Joe Swash recently underwent his third hair transplant at KSL Clinic.

Describing the process as ‘as normal as women having botox’, Joe admits he’s been concerned about what people watching him on TV might think of his appearance. His aim was to achieve a thicker looking head of hair and boost his self-esteem.

Happy with his own procedure, Joe encourages those that are worried about losing their hair to do something about it, saying “if you’re worried about it, go and have a consultation, go and speak to someone about it and whatever makes you feel comfortable, go and do it.”


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