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Dr Ullah takes time out of his busy schedule to give some insight into the world of hair loss and what makes him best equipped to provide FUE treatment to KSL customers.

  • How long have you been practising?

7 years.

  • What made you become a hair transplant surgeon?

“I became a hair transplant surgeon somewhat by accident! I guess it was when I started to lose my own hair. I underwent my own procedure, and what became an interest quickly became a passion. I know what it’s like to lose your hair, it can make you feel very self-conscious. I got involved in medicine so I could improve people’s lives and doing hair transplants enables me to do that.”

  • What do your offer as a surgeon that others don’t?

“I have practised in Britain for a number of years now, which means I know the UK standard of health care, in particular the need for patient-led care. I operate an open-door policy. Whether it be before the procedure or after, patient care is my priority, I will not charge for consultations or advice.

My technique is different, due to my experience, KSL Clinics can perform the FUE transplant in 6 to 8 hours, compared to as much as 10 hours at other hair clinics. I also offer my procedure to those with different hair types whether it be Afro Caribbean etc, and to those with medical issues like diabetes.”

  • What do you recommend those seeking a hair transplant look for in a surgeon?

“The main issue people will have when looking for a Clinic to perform a treatment is the amount information supplied online and on social media from people that are unqualified. For those seriously considering treatment, they should make sure they meet the surgeon, but most importantly ask for examples of their work.”

  • How many transplants have you performed over your career?

“Thousands- I couldn’t give you an exact number!”

  • What’s your pre-surgery routine? Any superstitions?

“Not as such. I just like to make sure that all of my team are on the same page so that my patient gets the best care and feels as comfortable as possible. This can often mean asking the patient their preferred music. Like I’ve said, my procedure, and my priority is all about the patient.”

  • What are your ambitions for The KSL Clinic Ltd?

“I want KSL to become the industry standard for FUE treatment. I want people to become more enlightened regarding hair loss and the options they have. Only 3-4% of bald men get transplants due to lack of knowledge or the stigma attached to the procedure. Also many Doctors aren’t knowledgeable on the treatment, I would really like to see this change. I have seen an improvement since celebrities have become more open to having the procedure done. Procedures like mine go to show, being bald today is a choice.”

  • For those young people in particular who are suffering hair loss what do you recommend when image is so important?

“Speak to a doctor about hair transplants. They will be able to tell you if the procedure is the right option for you. They will also give you realistic expectations on what to expect from the procedure.” 

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