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Post Transplant Hair Care

Looking after your hair after your hair transplant is of paramount importance. If you correctly care for your newly transplanted hair in the short and long term, you can ensure you don’t encounter any problems further down the line.

Follow this guide from us here at KSL after your procedure to ensure your recovery process is as quick as possible.

Immediate Care

In the initial recovery phase, it is important to keep the area around your scalp as clean as possible.

We will provide the correct medication to help the healing process and apply as directed by the surgeon who completed your procedure.

A few hours after the procedure you’ll begin to feel soreness around your head and bruising will also begin to surface.

To help ease the swelling of the bruising, sleep in a semi-upright position (instructed in the after-care programme) for a week.

Pain-relief and paracetamol can help ease your pain.

Your scalp may feel itchy and look pink, but don’t worry, this is part of the healing process. You must not itch or touch your head until Day 14, if you do, there is a chance you’ll destroy the new hair follicles before they have a chance to grow.

You may notice that parts of you head will start to scab over, again this is completely normal. These will usually form where the hair has been implanted, so try to let them heal naturally.

Washing Your Hair

You will be given plenty of advice on how to wash and shampoo your scalp using antibiotics in the recovery period by your surgeon.

On Day 5 you’re able to wash your hair, as per the instructions in the after-care programme.

Repeat this process every other day until Day 14 – where you’re able to wash your hair as you would have done before the procedure. You should use the shampoo we have provided you.


Following instructions from your surgeon in the first week following your procedure is very important when taking the antibiotics.

Avoid Sweating

Doing anything that may make you sweat excessively is off bounds in the initial recovery period following your procedure. Sweating significantly increases the chances of infection in your cuts, so we advise you stay off the treadmill for the 2 weeks!

We also advise that you keep out of direct sunlight for a while, we can’t stress how important this is in the 14 days following the procedure.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

It’s strongly advised that you don’t consume any alcohol for the first 48 hours following the surgery, the longer you can go without consuming it, the better.

As for smoking, you should avoid smoking prior to your procedure.

Your new hair will start growing properly anywhere from three to six months after the process has been completed. It is normal for the hair to grow and shed before the three months is up.

It’s important to stay patient when waiting for your hair to grow properly, it is a long process, but one that will change your life if you continually care for your hair in the correct way.

If you feel any severe pain at any point during your recovery period, contact your surgery immediately to have it checked out by a professional.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our hair transplant service, FUE eyebrow transplant or FUE beard transplant don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 01622 686101 or 0161 503 0537. One of our expert members of staff will be on hand to help you with any queries.

Kelly Dash

As Manager of KSL Clinic in Manchester, my main role is to ensure efficient and safe running of the clinic so that all patients receive the best care in their hair restoration journey. Years of experience in healthcare and previous experience as a hair transplant technician has helped with delivering high standards of patient care.