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Crown Hair Transplants

Hair loss around the crown – the very top of the head – is one of the most common problems, primarily impacting men who suffer from male pattern baldness. A crown hair transplant is an effective solution that delivers natural, permanent results, revitalising the fullness and coverage of your hair to achieve your ideal appearance.


KSL Clinic specialises in highly professional, tailored hair transplant services, with exceptional teams of surgeons and transplant experts who assist clients with hair loss linked to medical conditions, genetics or aspects of their lifestyle that have affected their hair growth.

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What Is a Crown Hair Transplant?

Thinning, sparse, or receding hair affects millions of people every year. While hair loss at the crown of the head is most prevalent in men, it can be associated with hereditary and age-related causes, often resulting in stress, loss of self-esteem, or confidence issues.

A crown hair transplant uses your own healthy hair to restore all the areas affected. Skilful surgical techniques rejuvenate your hair and recreate a natural whorl, a typical characteristic of hair growth patterns in this location.

We most often recommend Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which involves a harvesting process to gather healthy hair follicles, one at a time, from your own hair, selecting a discreet location towards the back of your scalp – and away from the impacted area on the crown.

An FUE hair transplant is safe, effective and minimally invasive, ensuring you achieve the outcomes you are hoping for in the fastest possible time and that will last for years to come.

The reputable surgeons throughout our KSL Clinic locations are always fully General Medical Council (GMC) registered professionals with unparalleled experience in delivering outstanding levels of client care before, during, and after the hair transplant. They have a strong track record of fantastic results that often surpass our customers’ aspirations.

How does a crown transplant work?

A surgical crown hair transplant using the FUE method we’ve described is the best way to achieve excellent results. Microscopic tools ensure every single follicle is extracted and transplanted in just the right place.

Most of our customers prefer a walk-in/walk-out hair transplant, using a local anaesthetic that doesn’t impede their activities for the rest of the day. You can complete your crown hair transplant within a few hours and won’t need to stay in the clinic overnight. Note that transplants for larger volumes of hair loss will take longer than those for smaller target areas.

The full hair transplant process from end to end is as follows:

Initial Consultation

Visit your nearest KSL Clinic to consult privately with a hair transplantation specialist. This appointment allows both you and us to chat about the results you’d like to achieve, the types of transplant techniques we feel will be most suitable, and the areas where we’d suggest harvesting healthy follicles. Your hair transplant surgeon will carefully evaluate your hair and scalp, ensuring that any interventions mimic your hair’s natural growth and thickness.


Local anaesthesia application

Once you are happy to proceed and have asked all the questions you wish, your local clinic will book a convenient appointment for your hair transplant to take place. The first step on the day is to administer a localised anaesthetic – this means that your hair transplant will be pain-free but without any extended downtime, ensuring you can go about your day afterwards.


Follicle extraction

The next part of the procedure involves the surgical extraction of individual follicles using a tool called a Micro Punch, which creates a microscopic circle around the exact area of the follicle – preventing unnecessary skin damage or scarring. The surgical team will evaluate and sort through each tiny follicle with precise attention to detail.


Follicle sorting

Next, when the hair grafts are ready, the surgeon will implant them within the target area, using mapping to designate a transplant location for each follicle. The density and texture of each strand will be coordinated to create a natural finish.


Graft transplantation

Next, when the hair grafts are ready, the surgeon will implant them within the crown area, using mapping to designate a transplant location for each follicle. The density and texture of each strand will be coordinated to create a natural finish.


Post-procedure care

Finally, we will carefully apply high-quality bandages over the crown, which protects the new follicles and assists with expedited healing. You’ll be given comprehensive instructions about caring for and looking after your crown hair transplant to ensure you recover well and maximise the impact of your results.


What Are the Benefits of a Crown Hair Transplant?

Although the crown is an area of our heads that is concealed from view much of the time, it is also one of the most common places to experience hair loss, often due to genetics that leads to male pattern baldness, also known by its technical name: androgenic alopecia. A crown hair transplant is a long-term solution to a problem that many people find impacts their confidence. It can be scheduled at almost any age, rather than coping with extensive hair loss before taking action.

There are multiple reasons you might wish to consider a crown hair transplant – and an equally broad range of reasons to choose KSL Clinic as your preferred professional hair transplant provider:

A Permanent, Invisible Solution to Hair Loss 

Although some shedding is natural and expected, your transplanted follicles will generate new hair growth, creating a perfect, full head of hair within just a few months. The hair transplant process leaves only very tiny marks that are incredibly difficult to see without a microscope – these heal over several days with zero scarring or any signs that you have undergone a professional hair transplant.

Convenient, Pain-Free Crown Hair Transplant Services

We adopt the latest innovations in hair transplantation, using minimally invasive extraction methods to carefully select healthy follicles and implant them in the natural growth pattern across your crown. No stitches are involved, and a local anaesthetic ensures the entire process is comfortable and pain-free.

Natural Crown Hair Transplantations 

Many of our valued customers’ biggest aspirations are to ensure their hair transplant offers a long-lasting solution, recharging their confidence and appearance and resulting in a full head of hair that is indistinguishable from their natural hair pattern. Specialist hair transplants use your very own follicles to result in a faultless finished outcome that is as natural as it looks.

Fast and Effective Results

Full recovery time for a crown transplant normally takes roughly ten to 18 months, and following the procedure, post-hair transplant guidance will ensure you recover as quickly as possible. Because our hair transplantation techniques extract individual follicles, each measuring under one mm across, the donor area heals in just a few days without any reason to significantly restrict your activities or take an extended leave period.

Before and after results of a crown transplants....

How much does a crown transplant cost?

Each procedure will vary based on your specific needs and requirements. We consult privately with every client to discuss and evaluate the following:

The extent of hair loss across your crown.

Your ideal look following your hair transplant.

Other areas affected by hair loss and the grafts required.

he characteristics and health of your natural hair.

While we provide individualised pricing based on the above factors, our initial consultations are free of charge. They enable you to access professional guidance about the best way forward and the total hair transplant cost.

You’ll find further information about hair transplant costs through our hair transplant pricing pages, alongside our payment plans

Celebrity Story

Aaron Renfree

Choreographer and Former S Club Junior Member

"I came to KSL Clinic, who were highly recommended to me for a hair transplant – their services have been second to none. Big thank you to Dr Matee, who has worked wonders. From my consultation to the day of the surgery to my recovery, they have really looked after me. I'm so happy with how the procedure went."

Crown Hair Transplant FAQs

Can I Get a Crown Hair Transplant at Any Age?

Most customers are perfectly suited to a crown hair transplant, although this procedure may be less appropriate for younger people with a changing hair pattern. Over time, that could mean a hair transplant is fully successful, but further areas of hair loss require subsequent treatments.

During your consultation, your transplant surgeon will discuss your scalp health, current hair loss concerns, and varied options they feel are in your interests—even if that means we believe that a full-crown hair transplant is not the best solution at this stage.

How Long Does it Take for a Crown Hair Transplant to Work?

The hair transplant takes up to a few hours, depending on the extent of your hair loss and the size of the target area. From there, initial healing where healthy follicles have been extracted takes a few days, and the full effects will continue to develop until your crown has no further signs of hair loss—this usually takes around six months for initial increased density and thickness, and 18 months in total. Our detailed hair transplant growth timeline provides further information about what to expect and when alongside real-life graphics to illustrate the regrowth process.

Does a Crown Hair Transplant Have Potential Side Effects?

Any procedure, even one performed with clinical precision and using the latest advancements in hair transplantation technology, has possible side effects. Still, these are easy to manage with the right care and guidance. Some people find that their scalp feels tight and a little swollen for a few days, and others might experience itching on the crown where the new follicles have been implanted.

This is all entirely normal, and many remedies can alleviate discomfort, such as general pain relief to soothe soreness and adherence to the advice and any medications your surgeon has recommended.

Is a Hair Transplant More Effective Than Hair Loss Medication?

Many of the customers we speak with have spent years and a great deal of money on expensive treatments and medications – some of which can have clinically proven results, but many that turn out to be disappointing or that cannot have a marked impact on more serious hair loss.

Chemical treatments, wigs, and micro-pigmentation techniques are widely used as short-term remedies to reduce the visible nature of hair loss, particularly around the crown. However, no solution delivers more natural, permanent, and confidence-boosting results than a crown hair transplant.

Start your crown hair restoration journey with KSL Clinic today.

KSL Clinic has a long-standing reputation for high levels of service, results, and professionalism. As a private network of hair transplant specialists spanning the UK, our clinics are based in most of the major cities, including London, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Birmingham, and Kent in the southeast.

Every surgical hair transplant team member is fully GMC registered, and we hold Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulatory registration. Prospective customers are welcome to review our accreditations and the extensive qualifications and experiences of our hair transplant experts.

As well as Crown hair transplants, we also offer:

We are passionate about the impacts that hair restoration procedures can deliver, and we work with countless customers who are delighted with their results – overcoming hair loss, patches of slow regrowth, and receding hairlines.

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