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Warren Phillips
'I've been thinking about having a hair transplant for about 4-5 years, the way I see male hair its a man's makeup once you get a hair cut you feel so much better. I started to recede and it started to knock my confidence I started to wear a lot more hats and not want to go out in town, so today it means a lot to me.

I picked KSL because I've seen people who have had it done and read reviews and was something I've thought about longtime for my result. They offer a 12 month aftercare package which I liked because its not you just have the Transplant and they leave you they care and want you to still do well, check up on you and reviews to see how you are getting on. I was very nervous for my surgery but they explained everything to the finest detail which has made me feel a lot better, I'm very apprehensive but it's like any procedure.'
Laurence Stevenson
For years my hairline was something that effected my confidence. Having a hair transplant with KSL Clinic was the best decision i have ever made. Not only were they professional but made me feel at ease throughout the whole procedure.
James Lock
I've been considering a hair transplant for the last couple of years. I've always had an issue with my hairline but when I spoke to people they always put me off having anything done. I think if you are going to do something like this whatever it be you have to do it for yourself. For me the issue with my hair even though people think I was mad wasn't so much I was receding I wasn't happy with my hairline, I just want to bring it forward and fill in a few bits nothing major just reinforce what I already have. Ive looked into the procedure and from what I see KSL are leading in the market, they explained everything to me in full detail, I had a few worries naturally in the back of my head but they put all of those worries to bed for me thats why I am here today getting the procedure done. For me there's no better company than KSL!
Ashley Bartlett
My time with KSL has been brilliant. They really look after you while you have the procedure done, as well as afterwards.

Its been pain free and I've had no issues with the aftercare or regrowth. Everything that happened month by month I was told about by the clinic beforehand.

Easily the best in the business!
Gareth Gates
As a younger poster I was always known for my hair, I had a big spiky formation for many years. I was known for having this great hair however as I've got slightly older my hair started to thin a bit I'm not going bald but I am quite conscious of my hairline and the thickness of my hair. So its been in about the past year that I've been thinking of having a hair transplant Ive research a lot into hair transplants and wasn't till I met the KSL guys that it all started to make sense and I felt comfortable about the idea. There's plenty fo research out there but its not until you met these guys that you really learn about the whole procedure and start to feel really relaxed about the whole thing. I was really nervous and adjusted about even the thought of having it done but they really educate you and make you feel at ease and comfortable. I feel really excited and can't wait to lose all the self consciousness about my hair and my hairline starting to thin. KSL is the perfect place, they made me feel so relaxed so comfortable.
Keely Dobinson
Once it's done, you'll be fixed having been through years of worrying about my hair and people noticing the thinning areas, I needed to hear these words to help me make the life changing decision!

The team at KSL in Maidstone were fantastic - from making me feel welcome and at ease during my first consultation to ensuring I was comfortable and pain free during the surgery.

During the first few weeks after the procedure, I had numerous questions some probably silly but the team at KSL never once made me feel my questions were unimportant, they answered quickly and thoroughly, immediately putting my mind at ease.

The whole team at KSL are amazing and I would recommend this procedure to anyone suffering the emotional torment of hair loss.
Jake Quickenden
I had a Hair transplant done because I was always paranoid, insecure and low confidence, I would always try and cover it up when I went out. I did this for myself to sort an insecurity out, its been with me for about 5 years I would always count hairs on my pillow I was so paranoid about it. There was no pain when I had it done, afterwards was a little bit sore and sleeping wasn't great but they were great, professional and really put me at ease and I am delighted with how it has turned out!
Sam Worth
Best thing I have ever done, from the first moment I went for my consultation with Lloyd to when i had my transplant and lastly the aftercare. The staff and everyone have been nothing less than amazing and are so friendly and always go out of their way to make you feel at ease. I'm really seeing the best results, I would say to anyone worried about hair loss to get themselves down to KSL for a consultation and speak to Lloyd and his team.
Jordan Bagley
Having spent months looking and finding different hair transplant clinics around the UK, I found KSL were by far superior to any other by seeing all the great reviews from day 1 of the transplant being done to now 3 months on the after care has been second to none and couldn’t thank the staff more, they are the most helpful and friendly bunch you can meet and happy to help whenever.
Fully recommend KSL to anyone thinking of getting this done.
Alex Beattie
This is something I've been extremely insecure about for years, my hairline although I am not loosing any hair I've always had an issue about the height of my hairline. So after seeing Jake Quickenden reaching out and telling the world his story I got in contact with him for more information. He reassured me and then put me in contact with KSL who then took me in for a consultation about it and showed me what they could do.
After having the procedure a couple of days ago I am now resting with a swollen head (which goes down in a couple of days) and a hairline I am so so happy with!
So glad I had this done even though many of you will say I didn't need it I honestly hated it.
George K
KSL have been amazing from start to finish, I'm only 4 months post op currently and any query or question always there for you at the end of the phone or an email. Very honest, great service. Would recommend to anyone!
Jamie Reed
I've been considering having a hair transplant for the past couple of years, I've seen it become a lot more popular recently. I've been doing some research about it and then I met the guys from KSL. A little bit nervous but you are for any procedure but all I'm thinking in 6 to 8 months time will be worth it. First 20 years of your life you get used to having hair suddenly to not have that its going to hurt your confidence. A lot of people have said I didn't need it done but the little top up I am having done can't wait for people to see the results. I chose KSL because I felt very comfortable from the first meeting and every things run smoothly since My procedure from start to finish definitely one to recommend!
Jabir S
When I arrived at KSL I was very nervous however the team calmed me down. They took me upstairs where I filled out forms etc then doctor arrived talked me through the procedure and the day, very informative. The procedure wasn’t painful at all and was done in one day. After the procedure I was taken out to the waiting room and explained through the afrercare. Overall I am happy with everything. Although I wasn’t aware eith the laser treatment. I am happy that I am getting it now.
Kristers Laicans
Honestly best thing I have ever done in my life. This has honestly changed my life completely in how I feel about myself and mostly its changed my mental health. Before my hair transplant I would get the worst social anxiety and would hate leaving the house, would stress all the time whilst being in public, every little reflection would give me anxiety. Now I feel like a new person my self esteem is higher then ever and I'm just mentally very healthy and happy and I would 100% recommend doing this anyone going through the same struggles anyone going through the same problem as I was. Just wanted to say thank you, you changed my life!
Mark Noble
From my Initial consultation and subsequent treatment, I found KSL to be professional. I was well informed prior to my surgery and cared for during and after the transplant. I am 4 months into my recovery and things are on schedule for a good result. So I am extremely happy with the outcome so far.

Today was my final consultation. The result is outstanding. Everything I was told would happen has happened. The results is better than ever expected. An excellent service from start to finish from the staff at KSL. Many Thanks.
Neil Wyatt
First Consultation was very welcoming and I was made to feel relaxed, this helped me to express my feelings and my insecurities. All the staff were very friendly. On the day of the surgery I was feeling anxious but the staff made me feel very comfortable. The surgery was painless, after surgery the discomfort lasted a fortnight. I was really surprised how quickly it healed. Very happy with the results so far, looking forward to seeing the final outcome. I highly recommend KSL
Vinod Budhathoki
I guess my story is very different from most people that have used KSL for hair transplants. I started loosing my hair after I was wounded in action while on Tour in Afghanistan in 2010. I lost both of my legs, and sustained a severe head injury that left my hair separated by a large scar. During my recovery I was given medication that subsequently led to the deterioration of my hair.

You might be thinking why do I care so much about my hair after what I have been through. But I have always had the attitude; what does not kill you makes you stronger. After months and months of battling with my injuries, I have found a purpose, a goal that has given me focus and drive. In 2020 Tokyo will host the Paralympic Games and I am determined to represent Team GB in the 10m shooting event. I want to represent my Team GB with pride, and with confidence, which is what led me to KSL Hair.

I remember walking through the doors of the clinic and meeting Lloyd and his team, including Dr Ullah. I explained my story, and my ultimate goal of attending the 2020 Paralympics, and they were determined to help me get back to feeling my best. Dr Ullah did not give me any illusions or false hopes concerning the treatment. He explained that it was going to be difficult to limit the visibility of the scarring of my head, but he was determined to try if it was what I wanted. In 2017 I undertook KSL’s FUE procedure, and the results have been beyond my wildest expectations. My scars are barely visible, my hair is thick and healthy, and more importantly I am ready to take on the world in 2020!
Jordan Platten
I cannot speak highly enough of the service I was provided at KSL. I am now 13 days post OP and you can see from the photo attached that all of my scabbing has now healed. You can also see my original hair line. Cannot wait to see full results in 6-12 months time. Procedure was pain free and after care very comprehensive. Would recommend KSL to anyone!

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