Our Hair Transplant Testimonials

Warren Phillips

“I’ve been thinking about having a hair transplant for about 4-5 years, the way I see male hair its a man’s makeup once you get a hair cut you feel so much better. I started to recede and it started to knock my confidence I started to wear a lot more hats and not want to go out in town, so today it means a lot to me.

I picked KSL because I’ve seen people who have had it done and read reviews and was something I’ve thought about longtime for my result. They offer a 12 month aftercare package which I liked because its not you just have the Transplant and they leave you they care and want you to still do well, check up on you and reviews to see how you are getting on. I was very nervous for my surgery but they explained everything to the finest detail which has made me feel a lot better, I’m very apprehensive but it’s like any procedure.”

Laurence Stevenson

“For years my hairline was something that effected my confidence. Having a hair transplant with KSL Clinic was the best decision i have ever made. Not only were they professional but made me feel at ease throughout the whole procedure.”

James Lock

“I’ve been considering a hair transplant for the last couple of years. I’ve always had an issue with my hairline but when I spoke to people they always put me off having anything done. I think if you are going to do something like this whatever it be you have to do it for yourself. For me the issue with my hair even though people think I was mad wasn’t so much I was receding I wasn’t happy with my hairline, I just want to bring it forward and fill in a few bits nothing major just reinforce what I already have. Ive looked into the procedure and from what I see KSL are leading in the market, they explained everything to me in full detail, I had a few worries naturally in the back of my head but they put all of those worries to bed for me thats why I am here today getting the procedure done. For me there’s no better company than KSL!”