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Kent PRP Hair Treatment Clinic

Led by a team of renowned hair transplant surgeons and technicians, we offer a complete range of PRP hair treatments in Kent.


Looking for a PRP hair treatment clinic in Kent? Our Kent clinic is conveniently located in Maidstone, serving clients across the local area and the southeast. We are easy to find and directly across the road from Maidstone East train station, with several excellent hotels nearby for clients who would like to extend their visit to explore the local region.

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How to find us

KSL Clinic Kent

Address: 7 Station Rd, Maidstone ME14 1QJ

Opening hours: 

Monday 9 am–5 pm

Tuesday 9 am–5 pm

Wednesday 9 am–5 pm

Thursday 9 am–5 pm

Friday 9 am–5 pm

Saturday 9 am–2 pm

Sunday Closed

Telephone: 01622 686101


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About our PRP Hair Treatment in Kent

PRP is one of the latest techniques used by skilled hair restoration specialists and technicians, either as a standalone procedure or to complement hair transplantation. The process is non-surgical and ideal for thinning hair, a common problem affecting men and women of all ages.

During your treatment, we carefully draw blood from your preferred arm and circulate it in a device called a centrifuge. This process safely separates the blood to ensure we extract the valuable platelets needed to stimulate hair growth.

Those platelets are then injected into the area where you are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, prompting expedited healing and tissue regeneration by boosting cellular growth using your very own blood.

How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Therapy Work?

As a private hair restoration specialist, we support clients with various challenges, including receding and thinning hair, conditions such as alopecia and traction alopecia, and those with a naturally uneven hairline or lack of facial hair growth around their beard or eyebrows.

PRP is often recommended for hair follicles that are currently dormant or inactive, but that can be stimulated to generate fresh, healthy hair.

Each treatment involves the following phases, usually over three or four treatments with a break in between if you have had a hair transplant to ensure plenty of time for recovery.

Phase 1

First, we gently draw blood from your non-dominant arm and place it into the centrifuge, which extracts the platelets we’ll use during the procedure.


Phase 2

The centrifuge takes a few minutes to complete the process of dividing blood into red cells and platelet-rich and platelet-poor plasma.


Phase 3

Those platelets are then injected across the areas of your scalp with hair loss or where you have newly implemented follicles.


What Are the Benefits of Booking PRP Hair Treatment?

Thinning hair and hair loss can be hugely detrimental to confidence, and we often speak with clients who find that the impacts on their mood and self-esteem are considerable. PRP is an excellent option for clients who may not be suited to a hair transplant, haven’t yet experienced a level of hair loss that requires transplantation, or simply want to boost their hair growth without a surgical procedure.

Enhance the Recovery and Results of a Hair Transplant

During recovery from a hair transplant, PRP is an effective way to boost hair thickness and augment the health of the skin on your face or scalp by creating new cells and stimulating faster production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.

Promote Hair Recovery and Regrowth

PRP treatment is a great way to help your follicles regrow and recover. It is a popular therapy for postpartum women experiencing loss of the characteristically thicker hair that grows during pregnancy and to reverse the impacts of other hormonal changes.

Non-Surgical Treatment With Minimal Side Effects

Since PRP uses your own cells and requires no incisions or stitches, it is pain-free and safe for adults of all ages. Tiny, gently applied injections do not require any anaesthetic, and each treatment process is completed within one appointment with very little soreness or redness.

Safe, Effective Hair and Scalp Regeneration

Our talented hair restoration technicians recommend PRP to address a wide range of hair loss issues. The use of platelet-rich plasma extracted from your own blood cells eliminates any risk in clients with allergies or sensitivities.

Celebrity Story

Jack Fincham

Reality TV Star and Influencer

"I've seen loads of people getting hair transplants done on social media with KSL Clinic. I don't need a hair transplant, but everyone loves thick hair. So, I thought the best thing to get done is some PRP. You get it all along your hairline and get a nice, thick, full-hair appearance. Great recommendations, really friendly staff, really friendly service. So, I thought if I’m gonna get this done, I’m gonna go to the best place!”

PRP Kent Hair Treatment FAQs

What Is a PRP Hair Treatment With KSL Clinic Kent?

As with all KSL Clinic services, we’ll put together a bespoke treatment plan based on an analysis of your hair health and requirements. Most clients have a series of PRP treatments spread out over three appointments and begin to see hair regrowth, improvement in the thickness and density of their hair, and brighter, healthier skin over the next two weeks.

Is PRP Treatment Effective as a Standalone Process?

Absolutely – PRP is often used to improve the recovery and regeneration of your scalp and hair after a hair transplant. Still, it is also widely used to address other issues of hair loss, hair thinning or reduced lustrousness to your hair, which are frequently due to hormonal changes, genetics or ageing.

Can I Have PRP Hair Restoration Treatment Straight After a Hair Transplant?

We normally recommend waiting at least a few days after a hair transplant before a PRP therapy session, primarily because it is important to give your scalp and new follicles enough time to recover properly. The norm is also to book three to four PRP treatments spaced apart by roughly four to six weeks.

Start your PRP hair restoration journey with KSL Clinic today.

Here at KSL Clinic, we’re passionate about hair restoration and always aim to help you feel comfortable with your appearance again. That’s why we offer a range of effective, affordable treatments to help counteract hair loss, promote growth, and give you the head of hair you deserve.

As well as FUE beard hair transplants, we also offer:

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