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Beard Transplants in Manchester

KSL Clinic offers advanced, pain-free, innovative beard transplants in Manchester, addressing patchy facial hair growth or issues for men who have always had limited hair and dream of a full, rich, sophisticated beard.


We recognise that many men feel that poor hair growth impacts their appearance and self-esteem and have seen countless clients achieve results that go above and beyond their aspirations – delivering permanent, natural and seamless outcomes.

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What Does a Beard Transplant With KSL Clinic Manchester Involve?

Beard transplantation is a high-demand procedure that can resolve problems, including thinning facial hair, patches, poor growth, or genetic conditions preventing our clients from growing natural beards.

A beard transplant utilises the most advanced technologies and precision procedures, extracting individual healthy hair follicles from areas elsewhere on your scalp one at a time using a specialist tool called a Micro Punch.

Only after each follicle has been graded and assessed at a microscopic level is it reimplanted in the target area, creating unparalleled results that perfectly match your natural hair growth. This process is completed under high-quality local anaesthetic, eliminating any discomfort while ensuring you never need to stay with us overnight.

We prefer Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) transplantation since the method involves careful harvesting of selected follicles, with no incisions or stitches that can lead to long-term scarring. During an initial consultation, we’ll evaluate your scalp and choose areas with healthy growth that provide ideal follicles for beard transplantation.

How Does Our Manchester Beard Transplant Procedure Work?

Beard transplants work effectively since we use your own healthy hair to replenish areas within your beard that don’t naturally grow independently. FUE transplants are available on a walk-in/walk-out basis following an in-depth consultation, during which we discuss your requirements, share our recommendations, and appraise your suitability as a beard transplant candidate.

Alongside full beard restoration, we can use the same clinical approaches to replenish hair growth in other areas, such as eyebrow and sideburn transplants—always collecting viable follicles and using no synthetic hairs or grafts.

The procedure itself offers permanent improvements. After an initial recovery and rest period of 14 days, you can return to your normal activities while your newly implanted follicles begin to regrow.

Our General Medical Council-registered beard transplantation surgeons are highly regarded, and our Manchester clinic has full regulatory registration. We invite prospective customers to review our fantastic client stories, reviews, progress videos, and testimonials to see what beard transplants can achieve and our previous results.

The FUE Beard Transplant Process

Every KSL Clinic Manchester client attends an initial consultation before we make any suggestions. That initial consultation is important because it ensures we can fully evaluate your current facial hair growth and discuss your concerns or issues.

Beard transplantation is entirely bespoke to you, and it is essential we understand how you would like your beard to grow or the specific areas where you are unsatisfied with your current hair growth.

Following the consultation, the normal process is as follows from the day of your beard transplant onwards.

Applying Local Anaesthetic to the Transplant Zones

We use high-grade anaesthetic to eliminate pain without any long-lasting effects that command extensive downtime.


Extracting Healthy Hair Follicles

The extraction process is highly specific and creates a tiny circular incision around each donor follicle – each measures under one mm and is impossible to see. Extracting individual follicles ensures your beard graft is precise without tissue damage or scars.


Grading the Suitability of Donor Hairs

Our next step is to grade and appraise each follicle, meticulously checking for colour, density, and growth direction to determine the right place for each follicle to be re-implanted.


Implanting Healthy Follicles

Next, we prepare each graft and implant the healthy hair in a pre-configured pattern, mapping out exactly where and how you’d like your beard to grow. This level of specificity means each hair grows in the right angle and direction for a seamless look.


Ongoing Beard Transplant Aftercare

Finally, once your beard transplant is complete, we’ll carefully bandage the area to protect and shield your skin and ensure your new hairs have the ideal environment to grow.

Before you leave the clinic, we’ll review all of the aftercare guidance, including any medications or soothing treatments we have recommended, to ensure you are comfortable and happy. Aftercare is key to a successful transplant, and we’re always on hand to offer check-ins and reviews.

The transplanted areas will swiftly start healing within 14 days. Initial regrowth will be visible in a few weeks, and complete facial hair regrowth will be achieved in 12 to 18 months.


Exploring the Benefits of a Beard Restoration Transplant

If you are self-conscious about patchy or thin hair growth in your beard or have struggled to achieve the facial hair you think would best compliment your facial features, you are far from alone. Beard transplants offer effective, safe, pain-free and permanent results and can make a profound difference to the hundreds of men we treat.

Bespoke Beard Transplantation

The perfect beard looks different for everyone, and we offer individualised and fully tailored consultations and transplants to ensure your results are everything you’ve aspired to.

Pain-Free and Minimally Invasive Treatments

We use local anaesthetic and precision tools to minimise recovery time and discomfort and ensure you do not need to cope with incisions, stitches or scarring at any point. Each incision is minuscule, leaving a mark that is invisible without a microscope.

Expedited Hair Restoration Recovery

Our suggested FUE beard transplant leaves the majority of your scalp undisturbed. Along with supplementary therapies, it ensures that your scalp heals well within just a few days, and you do not need to take any extensive time away from your usual routine.

Permanent, Natural Beard Transplantation

KSL Clinic prides itself on exceptional results, with seamless, 100% natural new beard growth that achieves the ideal outcomes. Following natural shedding after your transplant, you’ll see regrowth that progresses over time.

Before and after results of a beard transplant...

Celebrity Story

Gaz Beadle

Reality TV Star and Business Entrepreneur

“After years of not having any stubble and never being able to grow a beard, I worked with KSL Clinic to plan it perfectly, shape it, etc., and it only took about 6 hours in Manchester with about 2 weeks of downtime after… Now, 4 months in, I LOVE IT!”

Beard Transplant Manchester Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take for a Beard Transplant to Work?

With the right aftercare, most men see new hair growth within three months, with stronger and denser facial hair growth in six months and complete results at roughly nine months.

Does a Beard Transplant Create Facial Scars?

No, we use FUE hair transplant as a minimally invasive process that creates tiny, invisible scratches in the skin at each hair extraction and reimplantation site.

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Here at KSL Clinic, we’re passionate about hair restoration and always aim to help you feel comfortable with your appearance again. That’s why we offer a range of effective, affordable treatments to help counteract hair loss, promote growth, and give you the head of hair you deserve.

As well as FUE beard hair transplants, we also offer:

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