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Second Day Hairstyles

Washing your hair everyday isn’t healthy – you strip away the natural oils. It will also make the hair a lot more breakable and weaker. Because of this, finding the right hair style that looks fashionable and conceals your unwashed hair is essential.

Hair can get dirty very quickly due to hair products, pollution, dust, and sweat, and your luscious locks can easily become limp and dull.

So how can you manage your hair when going about your daily life? The following hairstyles will make sure you stay glamorous whilst hiding your second day hair.

Headband Up-Do

Get your favourite headband and get ready to transform your hair! The added texture of your second day hair will help you create a beautiful, twisted headband up-do. Simply place a circular headband over your hair, and start at the front by parting your hair in one to two inch sections. Twist them slightly before wrapping your hair over and around the headband. Keep working towards the back of your head on both sides to make sure it covers the headband.

Top Tip: Keep hair grips at hand for those pesky ends that come loose! The finishing product is a wonderful, stylish hair style that is both easy and beautiful.

Side Braids

Popular since ancient times, braids are a simple yet gorgeous ways of styling your hair. Whether a standard style or side braid – both are just as stunning –  you should choose a style that fits you the best. Fishtail braids have become popular recently, but not many people know the inner workings of this style. Whatever braid you choose, you’re guaranteed to be fashionable while you hide your second day hair!

Top Tip: For a more classic look, you can never go wrong with a French braid. This elegant take on a three strand braid is easy, and you can do it all by yourself!

Braided Top Knot

Ideal to cover up greasy hair, a top knot is an easy and effortless way of styling your hair. This fun twist to a top knot gives it an extra touch of elegance. All you need is a hair band and hair grips! You begin by putting your up in a ponytail at the top of your head but instead of rolling it you braid it to create a stunning effect. After you’re happy with your braided hair, you follow the same process as with a normal top knot and wrap around the base.

The result? A beautiful top knot that covers your second day hair!

Top Tip: This can be as messy or styled as you wish – both look effortless.

Messy Bun

Whether you have short or long hair, you can easily create a stylish messy bun. Start by combing through your hair with your fingers and bring it up or to the side into a ponytail. To add a touch of texture and volume, tease your ponytail with a comb by backcombing sections of your hair from the tip. The next step? Simply separate your ponytail into two sections and wrap your hair in opposite directions and secure with a bobby pin. Instead of doing it neatly, simply leave the ends to fray messily.

Top Tip: Another bonus in addition to covering your second day hair? Even if you have short hair, this style is easy and quick to do!

Hair Accessories

If you can’t be bothered to style your hair, an easy way of concealing your second day hair is to wear accessories on your hair. A headband with a beautiful pattern will not only look amazing, but it will also ensure no one focuses on your second day hair. It also helps to protect your locks from the everyday pollution!

Top Tip: Put some pretty flowers in your hair for that extra girly touch!

Whilst second day hair is something we do have control over, there are some hair issues that we sometimes can’t control.

KSL are a leading UK hair transplant and restoration clinic, offering hair transplants to a whole range of clients. Whether your hair loss is through genetics or because of an illness, we can work with you to get back that full head of hair.

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Kelly Dash

As Manager of KSL Clinic in Manchester, my main role is to ensure efficient and safe running of the clinic so that all patients receive the best care in their hair restoration journey. Years of experience in healthcare and previous experience as a hair transplant technician has helped with delivering high standards of patient care.