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4 Ideas To Combat Dry Hair in Summer

Summer: barbecues with friends, taking the kids to the pool, an exciting holiday by the beach… It feels like the best time of the year! However, if you ask your hair, it’s the worst, as the mixture of sun, heat, sea water and the chemicals found in the swimming pool are real nightmares for it.

The symptoms are there: your hair is weaker and drier. What can you do now? Instead of panicking, focus on the solutions!

  1. Avoid Alcohol

That is not to say you can’t enjoy a deliciously cold beer after a volleyball match at the beach, of course not! We refer to the alcohol present in the hair care products you are using daily. For example, think about that gel you add in the morning to keep your hair in place. Results are obviously great – and you wouldn’t want to step out of your house looking as if you had been fighting against a tornado. But if it has alcohol in it, its continuous use will make things worse. So get another one that has more hair friendly ingredients!

  1. Don’t Rub It!

What’s the first thing you want to do as soon as you come out from the water, whether it’s the sea or the pool? Probably grabbing your towel and rubbing your hair so it gets dry. Well, that’s not such a good idea, we have to say. By doing this, you are breaking the hair particles that are already weakened, and the result will be more and more split ends. Try to let it dry naturally – it’s summer, after all, so it’s not like you’ll catch pneumonia by doing so.

  1. Mild Shampoo

On days when you’re lucky enough to be constantly playing with your kids in the swimming pool or going for a quick swim in the sea because the hammock feels too hot, you are likely to wash your hair more frequently. Especially at the beach, when the sand grains seem to get everywhere.

The thing with shampoos is that even when they obviously are very effective at cleaning, they also eliminate the natural oils that keep your hair moisturised. If you use them every day, you’re not allowing your hair to regenerate these oils. A solution can be buying mild shampoos such as the ones babies use – there are also special shampoos for people who swim constantly that they are not as aggressive towards hair. And, of course, you can always resort to home-made remedies to complement this solution.

  1. Use a Hat

You surely cover yourself in sun cream before going to the beach and if you don’t, you know what may happen – burnt, red skin. With hair, it’s exactly the same: you need to protect it if you don’t want it to suffer!

Think of hats as one more item of your holiday outfit – there are so many styles to choose from, you’ll surely find one that’s not only useful but also fashionable. Besides, consider using a swim cap when you go into the water. Not sure whether this would suit you as much? Well, in the end it is just a question of how much you value your hair –you can be sure it will be grateful if you protect it against salt water and chemicals!

Here at KSL we want to celebrate the summer with you and help you keep your hair bright and healthy. A bit of dryness is usual at this time of the year, but if there are other symptoms that worry you, such as thinning hair or losing hair, feel free to contact our skilled teams in our hair loss clinics around the UK.

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