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FUE VS Laser hair transplants? What is best for you?

Losing hair can be very stressful for any man. People have discussed the causes – genetics, age, diet and so on – but we are here to offer the solutions. However, due to the wide range of treatments available, you might be asking yourself another question: what will work best for you?

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Laser Hair Restoration

This is a non-surgical procedure that can aid in cases of hair loss, thinning hair and other scalp problems.

How Does It Work?

This procedure is closely linked to the natural hair growth cycle. Every single hair on the head grows for several years and then falls out. The root takes a rest for some weeks and then a new hair starts growing. Baldness is produced when the root fails to provide a new hair – that is, we don’t get bald because our hair falls out, but because it stops growing!

Laser hair restoration uses the power of photo biotherapy to stimulate the growth of the hair. Cells absorb the light, thus helping them to get repaired again. Laser light also stimulates blood supply, cell metabolism and protein synthesises.

FUE Hair Transplants

Follicle unit extraction is a superior and highly successful method that transplants hair roots from any part of the body to the hairless zones of the scalp.

How Does It Work?

Follicles can be easily transplanted to the scalp in a very safe way with the FUE method. Unlike other common techniques – like grafting – it doesn’t need sutures afterwards so it won’t leave large scars. Also, it can all be done in a single session, avoiding the stress of having to undergo several surgical procedures over weeks and even months. This is the best solution when the loss of hair is evident as it basically allows it to grow again.

What Is It Best for You?

If you are noticing that your hair is getting thinner and thinner, then laser hair restoration might be good to stop hair loss. With just one treatment, the blood supply to your scalp is guaranteed to increase by at least 54%. Also, the laser light is delivered directly to the hair root so you can be sure you’re receiving the proper dosage.

transplant fue ksl clinic However, if you need a drastic and effective solution, then nothing is better than a FUE hair transplant. If you see hairless patches in your scalp, that doesn’t mean that the battle is lost! With the latest technology of FUE you can have your hair back as healthy and bright as it used to be. Another great advantage is that this process will imply minimal injuries that will heal in just weeks, leaving only microscopic scars. Besides, more than 5,000 follicles can be transplanted in just one session, which makes it the quick yet durable solution you have been wishing for.

Don’t dismiss your hair concerns; they matter to you, and there are many things to be done! Here at KSL we like to offer cost-effective solutions, and that is why our clients choose us. Don’t hesitate to contact our skilled team today and we will be delighted to help.

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