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4 Supplements to Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Whether you’re someone who has recently undergone a FUE hair transplant or someone who has been lucky enough to have a full head of hair all your life, your hair needs to be looked after in order for it to stay strong and healthy.

Hair loss is something that many people around the world suffer with on a daily basis, and although it is impossible to reverse this process through diet alone, there are some key supplements that your hair needs to grow. Working these into your diet will aid the success of your treatment, and start you on the journey to thicker, fuller hair!

Pack in the Protein

You’ve probably heard of keratin while looking into ways to keep your hair looking happy and healthy. Keratin is a protein that is responsible for aiding the growth of hair, so ensuring that you have a protein packed diet is important if you are looking to support your hairs re-growth.

Foods such as fish, chicken, beans and eggs are rich in protein.

Oily Omega-3

For some people, it’s not just about how thick or full their hair looks – it’s also about the shine. Everyone wants to have a healthy shine to their hair, and omega-3 is a great way to get it, as well as keeping your scalp flake-free, too!

Omega-3 hydrates the hair and scalp, giving it a luscious shine. Oily fish such as salmon can help the levels of omega-3 in your body, as well as cod liver oil supplements which can be taken daily.

Don’t Forget Vitamin C

We all know how great vitamin C is for our health as a whole, but did you know that it can help your hair stay healthy, too? As vitamin C aids the body with collagen production, it’s important for the strength of your hair, as well as keeping your scalp healthy.

Try adding more oranges and strawberries to your diet to increase your intake of vitamin C.

What About Vitamin D?

According to a study which took place in 2012 in the Stem Cells Translational Medicine journal, vitamin D is crucial to helping new follicles grow and mature, meaning more hair can grow in. It also found that vitamin D can potentially wake dormant follicles, reducing the amount of areas affected by hair loss.

To increase your intake of vitamin D, simply try and spend more time outside when it is sunny. Standing out in the sun and letting your skin absorb the sun’s rays will help boost your vitamin D levels.

Here at KSL, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the hair of your dreams. Our team of hair specialists are available to talk you through each of our solutions to find the perfect one for you. If you’d like more information on how we can help, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Kelly Dash

As Manager of KSL Clinic in Manchester, my main role is to ensure efficient and safe running of the clinic so that all patients receive the best care in their hair restoration journey. Years of experience in healthcare and previous experience as a hair transplant technician has helped with delivering high standards of patient care.