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JAN 2021 | ISSUE 9

Celebrity couple Kris Boyson, 31 and partner, Bianca Gascoigne, 33 have undergone a his and hers hair transplant at KSL Clinic. Kris underwent a FUE Hairline Transplant whilst Bianca had an FUE Eyebrow Hair Transplant. 

Kris Boyson and Bianca Gascoigne undergo a ‘His and Hers Hair Transplant’

The pair confirmed their relationship in April, and both approached the celebrity favoured clinic with insecurities about their appearance.

Bianca mentions that following hers and Kris’ initial consultation at KSL Clinic they were confident and able to gather all the information they needed when choosing the best clinic for them.  The glamour model and television personality, states that “The reason I’m having this done is because, I overplucked my eyebrows as child and they won’t grow back. I’m super paranoid because, I have to draw my eyebrows on, like fake hair lines so now I’ll just have natural hair, so I won’t be worried by that no more!”.

Hairline and eyebrows drawn on before surgery

Before going up to the surgery room Bianca expresses –

“I’m really, really excited, I’ve told a few people but it’s not a known common thing to get done so this is super exciting for me, and I just can’t wait to get big, bushy eyebrows!”

Kris adds that “The reason I chose KSL is because, I know a few of the boys who have been here so I’m confident I’m going to get a good result.” Reality TV stars and celebrities join a long line of patients such as Love Island Winners Jack Fincham, TOWIE stars James Lock and EastEnders Actor Joe Swash who have all chosen to have their surgeries at KSL Clinic.

The pair can then be seen laughing and joking at Kris’ new ‘signature James Bond’ pose and that he “might even be able to do the next Loreal advert”.

Hair loss can affect males and females of different generations, but Kris and Bianca are the first celebrity couple to have undergone a hair transplant walked through KSL Clinic’s doors. 

Watch Kris and Bianca’s FUE Transplant Journey video here!

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