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Sky Sports favourite Rob Wotton has undergone a long awaited hair transplant at KSL. Having underwent an FUE hair transplant, he told us that he’s ‘feeling great’

The legendary Sky Sports presenter first thought about getting a hair transplant over one year ago after seeing the results of his co-presenter Paul Robinson. Paul had his hair transplant with KSL back in January 2019 and ‘has been pestering Rob’ to get his done too.

Rob’s hairline was thinning and receding at the front and wanted a ‘total re-look’ at his hair.

Working in the media, especially in television, can often highlight hair loss. Rob joins a growing list of television stars who have opted for a hair transplant to enhance their confidence and look their best in the public eye.

See what Rob had to say about his procedure here:

Speaking after the surgery, Rob said “I’m feeling great, I think I’ve completed Netflix – watching that all day was great! The guys were fantastic, they looked after me very well.”⁣

Rob had a message for everyone who is considering a hair transplant: “Don’t consider it, just do it! It was brilliant. I was lying there thinking I’ve been meaning to get this done for years and I can’t believe I’m actually getting it done now.”⁣

You can read more about our FUE hair transplants here. Book a free, no obligation video consultation by dropping us a message today. See what other sports Celebrities have said about their hair transplants here.