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Hair transplant recovery – the do’s and don’ts

Hair transplants in the UK are on the rise. The procedure is painless and complications are very rare. Because of this, the procedure is classed as low risk, as it is a minimally invasive treatment. 

However, it is still very important to make sure that you look after yourself properly while recovering from your hair transplant. Below, we discuss what you should and should not do during the recovery phase.

  • DON’T go straight back to work – It is definitely a good idea to book some time off around the time of your hair transplant. Most people will take one or two weeks off work. Your surgeon will be able to recommend the best amount of time to take off work based on the size of your procedure, and of course what your line of work actually involves on a day to day basis, heavy lifting, dusty environment etc, so it is a good idea to enquire about this. While you are having a break from work, make sure you actually do have a break! You will definitely need to rest and take it easy for the first few days. 
  • DO listen to your surgeon – This is the most important piece of advice that we can give you when it comes to recovering from your hair transplant. Everyone is different. Therefore, it is always best to listen to what your surgeon has to say, rather than reading generic advice on the Internet or listening to a friend because they have had a hair transplant. A personalised aftercare program is a must, and this is something that only your surgeon is going to be able to provide you with. 
  • DON’T touch your head – It can be very exciting to want to touch and feel your new hairline. After all, it is a bit of a natural reaction. Whenever we get something new, it is exciting and we want to touch and use it straight away. However, you need to avoid doing this. Be as careful as possible when it comes to the healing process. No combs and no hands!
  • DO take a break from drinking alcohol – Yes, you may want to toast your new hairline with a glass or two of champagne, and who can blame you? However, we strongly recommend that you save the bubbles for another day. If you drink alcohol throughout the recovery process, it can have an impact on the healing process, which can mean it takes a lot longer. Please refrain from drinking alcohol for seven days so that your transplant can heal quickly.
  • DON’T exercise for at least 14 days after the transplant – You may be itching to hit the gym or go for your regular morning run, however, strenuous exercise can be a threat to your new hair regrowth due to increased blood pressure, irritation from sweating and excessive stretching. After 14 days, you can go back to doing light exercise and jogging and return to a more extensive exercise programme and your normal routine after 21 days.

Other rules to remember:

  • AVOID a power shower for 14 days after the transplant – This is explained in more detail in the hair washing section of your post operation instructions, you can shower your body as normal of course, but care must be taken when washing your new hairs. 
  • BE CAREFUL with sun exposure – we do not advise exposure to direct hot sunlight for 14 days, if you decide to escape and get away from it all in your second week, it is acceptable to cover from the hot sun with a loose fitted cap, or stick to the shade! 
  • HAIR CUTS are slightly different for the first while – you can have the donor area (back and sides) shaved and re-blended after one week, however a scissor cut only on the top of the scalp for the first month, taking extra care around the transplanted hairs.

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared when it comes to your hair transplant recovery. It can seem like there are a lot of rules and regulations, however, they’re to ensure you get the maximum result for your investment. At KSL, we will explain everything to you in full regarding the recovery from your hair transplant procedure, so that you have nothing to fret about. Plus, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call if you have any queries. We are always here to help!

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