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Max Morley best known for winning 2015 Series 1 Love Island, Max came to us at KSL Clinic to solve his hairloss which had been bothering him for 5 years. Here’s what Max had to say about why he wanted a Hair Transplant in KSL Manchester and his time with us.

‘Ive been thinking about having my hair done for a number of years, I’ve always had a high hairline and its always been a bit wavy but I got to an age where people have been mentioning it and I’ve been noticing it in the shower, and I thought its starting to bug me now. I’m always playing sport and you can just see I’m starting to bald, my dad’s bald so its been bothering me for a solid 5 years now. My hair’s always been a big part of my personality and going bald at 25 was something that was quite hard to accept, I cant wait to be the guy I used to be because it has being knocking my confidence for a couple of years now.

I chose KSL because I’ve been looking round for a while now and a lot of people from the industry I am in have had it done and have only raved about, nothing but compliments. The guys have explained me through the aftercare which is something thats massively important to me as I want to do it right its not just for me it’s for the future. The guys at KSL have reassured me for the future, and I can not wait for the after results in 12 months!’

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