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Our hair transplants are performed by our GMC registered surgeons. During the procedure, hair is taken from a donor area and moved to the desired transplanted area. The donor hair is extracted from the back and sides of the head. When our patients undergo hair transplant surgery they often have questions about shaving and cutting their new hair.

How soon can you shave your head after a hair transplant?

KSL Clinic recommends that patients should wait approximately three weeks before shaving their head after your hair transplant. It’s important to wait for the scalp to heal. Patients will initially experience scabbing, redness and discomfort. Once your scalp is fully healed, you’ll have several haircut options.

How should I look after my scalp after a hair transplant?

We have provided an after-care programme for you to adhere to. You shouldn’t touch the transplanted area for two weeks after the surgery. After five days, you can wash the area (using the shampoo we have provided) with a jug but it is still important not to touch the area.

Over the next two weeks, you’ll notice scabs beginning to form. When these shed the hair may fall out too. Do not panic if the hair sheds, as it’s normal and the hair will grow back over the next few months.

How short can you shave your hair after a hair transplant?

It is up to you! At KSL Clinic, we provide the FUE hair transplant. Therefore, you can shave your hair short as the scarring is minimal compared to the FUT method.

What is the difference between a FUT and a FUE hair transplant?

FUT refers to a ‘Follicular Unit Transplant’ and FUE ‘Follicular Unit Extraction’. The key difference is that the FUT procedure involves removing a strip of skin and then uses the donor skin to extract follicular units. These individual follicles are then moved to bald areas of the scalp.

With a FUE procedure, the follicular units are taken straight from the patient’s scalp. One of the positives of the FUE transplant is that patients are not left with a linear scar. Due to the minimal scarring, FUE patients can cut their hair short.

For more information, get in touch with the FUE hair transplant experts at KSL Clinic or learn more about hair transplants in London and hair transplants in Leeds.