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Hair transplant surgery is becoming an increasingly popular procedure with many benefits. If you’re considering having a surgery with KSL Clinic, you may not know what to expect. In the early stages (three weeks) after the procedure, it’s important to take extra care of your transplanted and donor area. So what can you expect in the first three weeks after your hair transplant with us?

Week 1

In the first few days after a hair transplant, patients may experience a tight sensation around the scalp due to the anaesthetic draining out of your system (which will disappear in several days).

In your after-care pack, we have provided a pad to wrap around your pillow to combat any minor bleeding that you might experience for the first few days. These symptoms are normal and nothing to worry about.

The grafts will begin to form scabs; do not touch the scabs and use the saline spray in your after-care pack or an antihistamine to reduce the itching. Around five days after your surgery, patients may experience swelling around the forehead and eyes. Drink plenty of water to help reduce this.

Week 2

By week two, the scabs from the transplanted hairs may begin to shed. This is a normal part of the hair transplant process. The follicles themselves will stay in place and the hairs will start to grow back in a few months. If you continue to experience discomfort and itching then please contact the clinic. On day 14 you can return back to normal life and your usual routine.

Week 3

Three weeks after your hair transplant, you will experience the shedding phase. You can look forward to the transplanted hairs growing back in the months to come. Patients tend to worry during the 2-3-week phase because the hair on the surface begins to fall out. There is no need to be concerned about the hairs shedding. We do not expect to see any growth until 4-6 months.

How can I look after my scalp in the first 1-3 weeks after my hair transplant surgery?

1 . Don’t touch your grafts until day 14

We advise that you wait two weeks before you can wash your hair as normal. On day 14, it is absolutely appropriate to use the power shower and scrub your head. At this stage, the scabs have to come away in order for the follicles underneath to grow through.

  1. Protect your head from the sun

You should avoid direct sun exposure in the first two weeks after your surgery. You’ll be able to sunbathe once your scalp has healed. Although, we recommend taking breaks in-between to avoid burning your scalp.

3 . No exercise in the first two weeks

Avoiding any strenuous exercise and activities is crucial for your after-care (including if you have an active and physical job). Perspiration can cause the scalp to become irritated – sweat can also lead to a buildup of bacteria.

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