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Spotlight On: FUE Hair Transplants

FUE, or follicle unit extraction, relates to a less invasive and more effective hair transplant process than most. At KSL, we invest in the best procedures, ensuring you have a smooth recovery time and a non-traumatic operation. Unlike grafting, FUE hair transplants will provide you with the results you want, with no visible scarring and a fast recovery process.

What is a FUE Hair Transplant?

Minimally invasive, this hair restoration procedure differs from grafting as it harvests hair from other areas in your body to then transplant it on your scalp. The hair is transplanted follicle by follicle, allowing for careful placement in the direction of hair growth and providing a natural hairline with very minimal impact on your scalp and on your life.

The selection process of the follicles involves choosing follicles by their density before placing them on the hairless areas of your scalp.

The Procedure

FUE hair transplants don’t require surgical operation like grafting, as it is less invasive and no sutures or incisions are needed. The hair transplant is comprised of the root cell only and it doesn’t remove any tissue, allowing for very little scarring.

The areas from which the follicles are removed from the root see small scratches appear with less than 1mm, easily healed in a short span of a few days. The scarring is so minimal that it can only be seen by microscopic lens.

Areas such as the nape of the neck are ideal for hair transplants, which can be transferred to the scalp, moustache, eyebrow, and beard areas. As it is a fast procedure, as many as 5,000 transplants of follicles can be transferred per session.

Recovery Process

This procedure has an extremely fast recovery time, which allows you to have a short downtime and return to work within a few days. Several sessions may be required, depending on individual requirements, but with the minimally invasive nature of FUE hair transplants there are short periods of rest. You can easily have your transplant completed in just one day.

With reduced stress and a fast procedure, you are guaranteed a quick recovery process. Multiple sessions can be taxing on the body and cause anxiety, but through FUE you have a restful process from transplant to recovery. And your results will be apparent very quickly!


3 weeks after hair transplantA stress-free hair transplant can be a big change in your life, particularly when it provides you with quick results and no visible scarring. For more information about FUE hair transplants, FUE eyebrow transplants or FUE beard transplants simply get in touch with us by giving us a call on 0800 023 4050. Our team is always happy to answer any query you might have.

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Kelly Dash

As Manager of KSL Clinic in Manchester, my main role is to ensure efficient and safe running of the clinic so that all patients receive the best care in their hair restoration journey. Years of experience in healthcare and previous experience as a hair transplant technician has helped with delivering high standards of patient care.