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As you probably already know, a hair transplant isn’t a quick lunch-hour treatment. In most cases at KSL Clinic, your hair transplant will take 6-8 hours to complete. Additionally, there’s a recovery process that you must also follow once your transplant procedure is finished and you leave the clinic.

This recovery process is vital when it comes to getting the best possible results from your transplant, so we always recommend following our after-care instructions carefully. If you’re wondering what to expect 10 days after your hair transplant, read on and find out.

10 Days After Hair Transplant: What to Expect

Your scalp

Once you’re into your 10th day post-treatment, most of the recovery process is already complete. That being said, it’s still important to remain prudent and continue the after-care programme KSL have provided.

At this stage, it is normal for your scalp to appear red or pink, with your head appearing scabbed. You’ll notice any scabbing much more if you have paler skin, but this will tend to fade after a few weeks. Most scabbing will clear up after the 14 days, the scabs must come away at that stage in order for the follicles in your scalp to grow.

These scabs are usually nothing to worry about and a part of the process, so you don’t need to seek any advice about them.

How to wash my hair after a hair transplant?

If you’re worried about washing your hair following a hair transplant, there’s no need to be. Follow the KSL Clinic after-care instructions we’ve provided, however, if you have any further questions on how to wash your hair – please call the clinic.

  • Do not use a hairdryer, towel or any other equipment to dry your hair – you’re going to want to avoid all abrasive movements on your scalp.
  • Let your hair dry naturally within the after-care stage.
  • Only wash your hair on the days we’ve instructed in your after-care programme.

Can I exercise 10 days after a hair transplant?

No exercise should be carried out at this stage. It’s important to follow KSL’s instructions for a healthy and fit recovery. On Day 14, you may resume back to normal life, this includes exercise, swimming, going to gym and playing sports.

14+ Days

Once the scabs have cleared up and your skin is back to its regular colour, your hair follicles will once again become dormant, and the new hair will shed. Once this process is complete, your hair will resemble how it was pre-treatment. But don’t fret – this is completely normal and is a necessary step in the recovery and regrowth process.

Once the hair falls out, new hair will begin to grow in its place. In time, the regrowth will give you the appearance of a thick, full head of hair.

Hair washing?

Once you reach Day 14 of your after-care, you can resume your normal hair washing routine. This means you’re able to physically touch your scalp and use a power shower. If you’re wondering what type of shampoo to use post-treatment, your regular go-to shampoo is just fine. Don’t fret if you see small hairs attached to scabs when washing your hair, at this point the scabs must come away and the follicles we’ve implanted into your scalp are still there.