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Gone are the days when hair loss on the scalp had no remedy. Today, anyone can benefit from a hair transplant procedure to help their hair concerns. Any patient undergoing a hair transplant will love to know what the results will be like in the months following the procedure. This article will give you a breakdown of what to expect four months after you’ve successfully had a hair transplant with KSL Clinic.

What To Expect 4 months after a hair transplant

You should see growth in some of the hair at this stage – although it may be thin and wispy; that will thicken up over time. Expect the hair to start to grow gradually over the next several months.

Once this stage passes, you may begin to notice some hair growth, especially four months after the hair transplant procedure. This stage only precedes the growth period. Therefore, you should not expect immediate and rapid hair growth during this phase. However, during the fifth and twelfth months after the procedure, you should see significant growth in their hair. This is the period where the majority of the hair growth process occurs.

What’s Happening To The Hair?

As indicated earlier, the first couple of months that follow a successful hair transplant operation is the period of dormancy or resting. Why focus on four months after the procedure? Your newly grafted hair will need about four months for growth activity to start taking place following your hair transplant. However, this period may be prolonged in other cases.

So, what’s happening to your ‘new hair’ during this period? Most of your transplanted hair will have shed during the first month up to about six weeks after the procedure. Although you are not likely to see much hair growth during this period, you can expect new hair to begin to grow in the treated areas – usually four months after the surgery. This new growth signals the start of a more rapid hair growth period and an exciting time for you.

At the four-month mark, the hair is beginning a new cycle of growth after being dormant since the hair is shed. However, it is vital to note that after the surgery, your new hair may appear to look fine or appear a little thinner than your natural hair. Over the following months, you will notice your new hair begin to thicken. At the same time, you should see that your hair growth will become more prominent. Plus, the rate at which your hair grows will also begin to accelerate.

What Can You Do?

You can now have PRP treatment which will assist with the growth of your hair, and use topical solutions such as Minoxidil. However, the only thing to do now is to have patience and watch the hair grow. You can begin to think about styling your hair. Patience is vital during the periods following your hair transplant. The hair restoration process takes a lot of time, and you cannot expect to start seeing results immediately. But are there certain things you can do to aid the process? Can you make your hair grow faster?

It is vital to follow all the instructions and advice KSL provides after the transplant process. From taking care of your scalp and hair, to using the recommended products and medications. You will only aid the hair growth process if you stick to the instructions you receive. However, certain factors may determine how early or late you will see the results you want. Such factors include the extent of the hair loss, the type or characteristics of hair you have, the size of the transplant etc.

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