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Can you smoke before a hair transplant procedure?

At KSL Clinic, we recommend that you stop smoking for at least five days prior to your surgery.

How long should you wait before smoking after a hair transplant?

After your hair transplant surgery, you should avoid smoking for as long as you can. We suggest that you do not smoke for at least two weeks after your hair transplant. It’s in the patient’s best interest to abstain from cigarettes after the procedure and before.

What else should I avoid after hair transplant surgery?

Smoking isn’t the only thing you should avoid after your hair transplant surgery. For a smooth recovery you should also avoid the following things:

Alcohol: Drinking alcohol can cause you to become dehydrated and increase your blood pressure. Both of these things can reduce blood flow, preventing your head from getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

Direct Sunlight: It’s important to protect your head from sunlight exposure and avoid direct sunlight for two weeks.

Hair Dye: You should not dye your hair until your scalp has completely healed and your doctor has advised that it’s safe to do so.

Simple steps such as eating healthy and nutritious foods and drinking plenty of water will also benefit you.

Hair transplant aftercare

Please follow our post-operative instructions for a smooth and successful recovery. If you have any further questions about aftercare, contact the clinic or discuss with your hair transplant surgeon. A hair transplant procedure has plenty of benefits but it’s important to understand how to keep your grafts healthy.

For more information, get in touch with the FUE hair transplant experts here at KSL Clinic or learn more about hair transplants in Leeds and KSL Bristol.