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Deciding when and if to get a hair transplant is made extremely easy at KSL Clinic. If you have hair concerns, you can book a free consultation with us. During the consultation we can assess if a hair transplant is needed or if there are any other suitable methods to restore hair loss and thinning for you. Undergoing a hair transplant can seem like a big procedure however, here at KSL the process is made easier with the help of our team to get you the results that you want.

Firstly – let’s look at the factors surrounding your eligibility.

Personal Influential Factors

Several key factors play a central role when determining the appropriate time to undergo a hair transplant procedure. Some of these factors include;

The Patient’s Age

Male pattern baldness affects approximately 70% of men in the UK, meaning 7.4 million men are losing their hair at any moment. While there may be variations due to race and genetics, hair loss can start developing at 18-years but everyone’s situation is different.

We don’t typically have patients under the age of 21. This is mainly due to the individual being at the early stages of their hair loss. If this applies to yourself, we would suggest speaking with your GP if you haven’t already and monitoring your hair concerns until you become 21-years.

A mature hairline can sometimes appear as a receding one, making it vital to be sure what the best treatment is by attending a free consultation.


At KSL Clinic, we always want to make your experience at the clinic stress-free. That is why we offer interest-free payment plans for half the cost of your procedure, as we are understanding that a hair transplant can be costly for some. You can find out more about hair transplant costs here.

The Strength of the Potential Donor Area

Here at KSL Clinic, we perform the FUE hair transplant which involves extracting the hair follicles from the back and sides of the head (the donor area) and implanting them into the areas of concern. The follicles are chosen according to their density, which is why a strong donor area is beneficial for the transfer and regrowth after your procedure.

The Patient’s Expectations

Our aim is to restore your hair and give you the results that you want. At KSL Clinic, we guarantee 80% regrowth of your transplanted hairs, if we do not deliver this, we will carry out a second procedure to achieve the percentage. It is very unlikely that this will occur but it’s in place for your peace of mind.

What Are The Ideal Times to Get a Hair Transplant?

Although there are no genuine limitations on when you can have a hair transplant, there are numerous factors you should take into account. The recommended recovery period from a hair transplant procedure with us is two weeks. You may want to consider a hair transplant when:

When You Have Some Free Time

As mentioned, there will be physical signs of your hair transplant for up to 2 weeks after the procedure. Therefore, make sure you have enough holiday or downtime booked to take this time off.

When you don’t have any obligations, events, or anywhere to go in the next two weeks. This is one of the ideal times to get your hair transplant. As indicated earlier, you can return to your regular activities within days of undergoing the procedure. However, you must avoid certain activities such as swimming and direct exposure to sunlight. If your hair transplant is for a special occasion such as a wedding, you may have to plan in advance.

Over the Christmas or Easter Period

There are many reasons why you should consider getting your hair transplant completed during the festive period like Christmas and Easter. Most businesses close down for a period of time so you may not need to take as much holiday. You’re also likely to be at home resting which is vital after a hair transplant. Also, a transplant can feel like a present for yourself!

Ultimately, you’ll just need a two-week block of time in which you can avoid any excessive activities and recover fully before going back to your regular duties.

In order for your aftercare and hair transplant journey to go as smoothly as possible, please follow the information and post-operative care plan provided by KSL Clinic. If you are unsure or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email a member of the team or call us on 01622 686101 for Kent and Bristol or 0161 503 0537 for Manchester, Ireland, Birmingham and Newcastle. Read more about hair transplantation in the UK.

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